Accentia Franchise Consultants are delighted to announce they have begun working with Mexican eatery Zocalo

Accentia, the UK's leading franchise consultancy, is looking to support the multi-award-winning Zócalo with their franchise expansion into the UK market.

Zocalo Franchise

Established in 2002, Zócalo has 15 restaurants located in Sweden and Denmark and aims to expand into additional European markets to maximise its presence. Of particular importance is its entry into the UK market, and Zócalo is seeking suitable entrepreneurs to boost its brand equity and market share.

In partnership with Accentia Franchise Consultants, Zócalo will be aided by over 40 years of experience in the franchise industry. Accentia Franchise Consultants has created hundreds of successful franchise networks throughout the UK across a variety of industries and sectors.

Britons’ appetite for Mexican food is apparent, Mexican food is the third most popular cuisine in the UK (Hello Fresh). There is an increased demand for healthier food options across the country, as dietary habits across the western world evolve, consumers are becoming more health conscious. As well as this, the number of vegetarians and vegans has grown year-on-year. Zócalo is well placed to be able to meet the surge in demand for healthier food alternatives, as well as provide vegetarian and vegan friendly meal options.

The Zócalo franchise opportunity is two-fold; master franchises and territory franchises are available to suit prospects’ business goals, budget and location. As part of the extensive franchise package franchisees will receive comprehensive training which will cover product and sales training, as well as a fully-fitted premise, product development, marketing materials and access to annual network conferences hosted in Sweden.

In year three, Zócalo franchisees can be earning upwards of £120,000 annually. The franchise industry is a hugely lucrative industry and is the ideal pathway to success for Zócalo and its franchisees.

Accentia Franchise Consultants look forward to assisting Zócalo in its franchise expansion and are on track for recruiting Zócalo’s first UK franchisees.

Accentia Franchise Consultants and Zocalo Banner

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