Used Goods Franchises

Franchises for sale in the UK within the Used Goods franchise sector are available for you to view on Franchise Supermarket today. We’ve compiled the best franchises opportunities for you to browse and compare. 

Brits like to accumulate a vast number of possessions that are no longer required, fortunately for them used goods franchises allows you to exchange your unwanted goods for cash. The used goods franchisee will then sell these on through their high street retail location or via online. Buying and selling pre-owned electrical goods, computers and phones has become a huge business and we’ve seen the success of many high street retail franchise outlets that buy and sell used goods. Used Goods franchises usually require a higher investment level as premises and the acquisition of starting stock is required. 

BASEO Franchising

BASEO the Technology Retail Franchise

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Minimum Investment: £50,000.00

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