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At Planet Entertainment we 'dream big', but we are not 'dreamers' - we are realists who know that in order to be the best, we need to work with the best.

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At Planet Entertainment we ‘dream big’, but we are not ‘dreamers’ –we are realists who know that in order to be the best, we need to work with the best.

We aim to stretch the boundaries of traditional sports in order to immerse our players in highly interactive narrative worlds, with strong characters and inspiring stories.

We want to captivate young mobile gaming fans with pick-up and play titles that can be enjoyed at home or on the go, with underlying features and mechanics to meet our company’s philosophical objective of educating our audience on nutrition and well-being.

Our releases are synchronised across platforms, allowing players to switch seamlessly between devices and continue their game wherever they left off, with additional social features included to help foster a sense of community.

We ensure that our platforms are made freely available, while players can also purchase virtual items that enhance their in-game experience.

We plan to launch three blockbuster titles in the next three years that will utilise a similar architecture in order to ensure that we maximise our investors’ long-term returns.

Around a third of children aged 2 to 15 in the UK are overweight or obese. Children are becoming obese at an earlier age and staying obese for longer.

This is a national epidemic and we believe that Socker Stars has the ability to educate young audiences about the positive effects that a balanced diet can have on performance and mental wellbeing.

This is achieved through our unique ‘Tamagotchi’ inspired mechanic that encourages gamers to return to the app on a daily basis in order to nurture their character through healthy food choices and training/exercise sessions, all designed to increase their ability and performance in the game itself.

Socker Stars will also sync with a range of popular Smart watches in order to encourage users to get active in the real world in exchange for extra in-game bonus points and goodies! Whether that is simply doing 10 quick star jumps or enjoying a brisk walk to school!

Benefits of an EIS Investment

  • Expected High Returns
  • Profits generated in the Global Market
  • Leading Industry Partners
  • 30% Income Tax Relief
  • 100% CGT Exemption
  • Uncapped CGT Deferral Relief
  • 100% IHT Exemption 

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