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Do you want to join an exciting creative business, offering consumers a personal and bespoke experience, resulting in happy customers and generating excellent earning potential?

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Do you want to join an exciting creative business, offering consumers a personal and bespoke experience, resulting in happy customers and generating excellent earning potential?

Earning Potential

As a Venture Studios franchisee, you will have the opportunity to make an average annual turnover of £440,000. The Venture model is designed to generate earnings for our franchisees of 10 -15% of turnover, in addition to a salary of approximately £25,000. In fact, our top performing studios generate sales over £650,000, with over 40% turning over more than £500,000 in 2017. This positions Venture in the top 35% of franchised systems (based on turnover) according to the most recent BFA survey.

Consequently, the earning potential of a Venture Studios is comparable with many much larger franchises on the market, However, with start-up costs starting at just £70,000, (compared to three times this number for other franchise opportunities) the potential return on investment with Venture Studios is exceptional.

How Do We Compare?

According to the BFA 2015 survey, the average turnover of franchises providing personal services was £220,000. But with the average Venture studio turning over £440,000, this puts the company in the top third of its sector. 

Your earning potential is supported by our cost-effective franchise fee. The average fee charged by franchisors in the UK is 11.7% but we set ours at 7.5% so our franchisees can earn more, reaping the benefits of their hard work. 

How many other companies charge a fee which is approximately 4% lower than the national average?

Proven Success

Venture has operated its franchise model for the last 17 years, and in this time has established itself as the premium market leader in the photography market. It is the only nationally recognised brand in its sector, making it truly distinct as a franchise concept. It dominates the space that it occupies in the market and supports studios from day one. With an exceptional training programme, we have taken a non-photographer to a franchise turnover of £500,000 within their first year of trading. 

Venture now operates its franchise model across three continents, with 16 studios in the UK, as well as studios in Asia and the USA. We pride ourselves on a tried and tested business model, which combines world-class customer service, market-leading standards of photography, effective routes to market to generate customers, and a unique and contemporary range of products. All of which can result in excellent financial returns.

Photography By Design

Photography innovation and customer experience is at the heart of Venture’s business, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of style, presentation and client value. This focus creates both an experience and a product which is full of emotional value for the client, which in turn leads to an average spend per customer which is unrivalled in other photography franchises and the portrait market generally.

“Strikingly Stylish and original, Ventures portraits deserve to have rooms designed around them”. Susan Rose, Ideal Home magazine
“The work that Venture produces is stunning”
Chris Harper – Chief Executive, British Institute of Professional Photography

Vacant Territories

Venture is currently recruiting for new franchisees across the country, with the key target areas listed below.

  • Belfast
  • Aberdeen
  • Newcastle
  • Watford
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Nottingham
  • Maidstone
  • York
  • Colchester/Ipswich
  • Brighton
  • Plymouth
  • London - within the M25
  • Glasgow - resale opportunity

What Venture Looks For And What You'll Need To Become A Franchisee

Our current network of franchisees is from a wide variety of professional back¬grounds, and whilst you don’t need specific photographic or studio experience, it’s important that you have the ability, passion and determination needed to lead your business and your team from the front. Regardless of background, our application and approval process will make sure that anyone who becomes one of our franchisees possesses the qualities and skills that will give them every opportunity to succeed.

What We Look For In a New Franchisee

  • A customer focused individual
  • A hands-on approach to marketing
  • A leader
  • A basic grasp of financials
  • Someone with discipline 

What You Need To Get Started

  • Starting a Venture franchise in a new territory will cost between £70k and £100k
  • You'll need appoximately 50% of start-up costs as liquid cash, the rest can be financed through a bank loan
  • You'll need to pay a one off initial franchise fee of £10k
  • You'll sign a franchise agreement of a minimum of 3 years
  • Training for a new franchisee will take approximately 8 weeks on a full-time basis

Coming Soon

Venture’s Eton studio was bought by Jonny Foster in 2012 from the existing franchisee. Prior to purchasing the studio Jonny had worked in Venture as a photographer, but he had always wanted to own and run his own studio. “I’ve built Venture Eton up since I purchased the business, the studio team have worked incredibly hard over the last 5 years and am very proud to have been awarded the Studio of the Year three times since I bought it. With turnover averaging £650K a year we have always been o...

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