Ableworld increase stockholding by over £600,000 as profits soar by over 30%

Due to the present worldwide issues with the Coronavirus and the inevitable knock on effect of stock shortages in the Country, Ableworld have increased their stock holding by around £600,000.

Mike Williams stated “With the uncertainty of stocks in the coming weeks / months the Company have taken the decision increase their overall stock holding by 25% - around an extra £600,000.

Mike continued “Luckily over the last couple of years we have ensured we purchase a lot more of British Made products, however even British Made often have imported components. Fortunately, we are in a strong position and it is the beginning of the season, so the decision was an easy one to make.”

As Ableworld has already stated their like for like sales increase in their last Financial year showed a 15.79% increase and their accounts are being Audited / Finalised at present but they anticipate a 31% increase in profits in their main trading Company (Ableworld (UK) Ltd) and also substantial overall sales and profit increases in their overall Trading Companies.

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