Why Should I Advertise with Franchise Supermarket?

Franchise Supermarket has been specifically designed to help promote your franchise opportunity to the highest calibre of prospects.

Our dedicated media team will be updating content on a daily basis to help educate our readership on the available franchise opportunities and how best to investigate further. Our strong Search Engine and Social Media platforms will also help in promoting your opportunity to the right audience.

Franchise Supermarket was designed to help increase lead conversion, to make it as easy as possible for a prospect to declare an interest in your respective opportunity. This is aided by the varied request forms and buttons displayed throughout each dedicated profile.

 The Franchise Supermarket group has a wealth of experience within the Franchise sector.If you are looking to promote your franchising opportunities or if you are an international franchisor looking for a master franchise, Franchise Supermarket can help you: Inform potential franchisees Engage with UK industry experts Enable you to convey your brand message effectively We’re not just a directory. Our in-depth articles and up-to-date franchise industry news section helps both entrepreneurs and experienced professionals keep informed. Through this expertise, you can expose your brand to a quality audience through numerous marketing channels.

Exclusive Franchise Supermarket Membership

Franchise Supermarket is the one stop shop for Franchise Recruitment and provides a platform for promoting your latest Franchise News, Success Stories and Discovery Day dates.

Franchise Supermarket will only promote a maximum of 70 different available franchise opportunities at one time. These exclusive brands can expect to receive our maximum attention to ensure they experience the quality and quantity of prospects they desire.

Key Facts

  • Large database of prospects that have declared an interest in owning and operating a franchise within the UK, of which we're experiencing 31% open rate with
  • Weekly sector eshots that will include three or four brands from one chosen sector, sent out free of change
  • Regular activity on Franchise Supermarket social media platforms
  • Regular upgrades to the website
  • Promoting and collecting new registrations at major Franchise Exhibitions within the UK
  • 5,0000+ specific Franchise Enquiries generated Annually 
  • Dedicated news and case study tabs with each franchise profile
  • Reasonably priced with our cheapest package priced at just £325 per quarter

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No matter what the size of your budget Is, or your goals for Franchise recruitment, we have a programme and a rate that will suit your aspirations. Download our Rate Card Click here to view

Franchise SuperMatch

Franchise SuperMatch is the paracetamol to a Franchisors very painful headache. This is a service that will provide Marketing on Franchise Supermarket for 12 months with Email campaigns included, Experience Franchise Recruiter to handle all enquiries up until conversion and we can help Fund franchisees (up to £25,000 unsecured) with the acquisition of your franchise.

So in essence -

  1. Generate the franchise leads for you
  2. Filter the franchise enquiries
  3. Help Franchise Enquiries with funding that require this element.
  4. Convert to a franchisee

Want to find out more? Give us a call today on 01502 717 500 or send John Brooks an email at

  • Experienced franchise recruiter with experience in different sectors
  • Initial lead handling and filtration • Meet prospects on the road or at your venue
  • Invaluable advice and guidance, including finance, marketing and more
  • Work with prospects right up until conversion
  • FREE promotion on Franchise Supermarket for the duration of your agreement
  • FREE Email campaigns to generate further enquiries for your offering
  • Great chat and friendly service

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Franchise Supermarket directory media pack

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Franchise Supermarket printed directory media pack

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