Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

franchisesupermarket.co.uk is owned and operated by Franchise Supermarket Ltd. Franchise Supermarket Ltd is registered in the UK. This website is operated and hosted in England, UK. All information is collected, processed and stored within England, UK.

Franchise Supermarket strongly advise that you read and digest the below terms and conditions which govern the use of this website.

The owners of Franchise Supermarket reserve the right at their absolute discretion and at any time to refuse any submission or advertising.

Franchise Supermarket was launched as a platform for providing information only, to assist with promoting the sale of businesses’ and franchise opportunities. Franchise Supermarket are not offering any advice or endorsements with the information contained within this website. Franchise Supermarket does not assume liability for any actions of any listed Franchise company, company or subject matter included on this website. Franchise Supermarket cannot accept liability for the completeness, accuracy or relevance of any information from this website.

Franchise Supermarket will only use text, images and logos on our website on the understanding the company in question possesses the rights to all content supplied.

Franchise Supermarket strongly recommends that any prospective investor fully investigates the investment levels listed for each company promoted on this site.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights contained within this website, including any trademarks used on the website and copyright in any material contained on the website or rights in any data are owned or licenced by Franchise Supermarket. You are not given any right to use any intellectual property contained on Franchise Supermarket. The use of any content on this website will require consent from Franchise Supermarket.

We are the proprietor of the Franchise Supermarket Trademark in the UK. All other trademarks, product names and company names or logos used on the site are our property or that of their respective owners. No permission is given by us in respect of the use of any such trademarks, product names, company names, logos or titles and such use may constitute an infringement of the holder’s rights.

Using Franchise Supermarkets Services

Any visitor to Franchise Supermarket assumes total responsibility and risk for your use of the website. It is solely your responsibility to fully evaluate the accuracy and completeness of text and other information provided through Franchise Supermarket.


Franchise Supermarket does not under any circumstances accept responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your use of the Franchise Supermarket website unless that loss comes about as a result of some fraud or serious misconduct on the part of Franchise Supermarket.

Franchise Supermarket does not conduct any investigations or due diligence into any parties advertising/promoting on this website and can accept no responsibility nor liability whatsoever, for any claims, costs, losses, expenses or damages howsoever arising whether direct or indirect or consequential in respect of any omissions or consequences of actions taken by users or subscribers based on any information, opinions or advice contained within the Franchise Supermarket website.


You hereby agree to indemnify Franchise Supermarket for any claims, costs, losses, expenses or damages it may incur howsoever arising whether direct, indirect or consequential as a result of your use of this website. To clarify, you will not hold Franchise Supermarket, it’s officers, directors, shareholders and employees, harmless, including costs and legal fees, from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your access to and use of Franchise Supermarket.

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