About Us

Who are Franchise Supermarket?

Franchise Supermarket are the friendly faces of Franchising; the ones you’d love to go for a beer with.

Franchise Supermarket’s goal is to provide a friendly and relaxing setting for potential franchisees to browse and compare all types of franchises. We aim to give investors a platform to not only connect with franchisors, but to also digest up to date content from their respective profiles. We will also be providing key information on the franchise industry as a whole, making us the one stop shop for franchise recruitment.

The Franchise Supermarket team have a combined 15 years’ experience within the franchise sector and we’re always available for a chat, so feel free to give us a call to pick our ‘franchised brains’.

The Franchise Supermarket team are here to help aspiring entrepreneurs to find the right franchise for them. The team at Franchise Supermarket HQ hold the utmost respect for our subscribers, and would never populate their inboxes with daily emails. We know we wouldn’t like it so why should we do it to others.

Franchise Supermarket is a powerful franchise recruitment platform between franchisors and franchisee candidates. Our online franchise directory base enhances your franchisee recruitment strategy and provides quality franchise leads that have been filtered through our system. Are aim is to make Franchise Recruitment stress free for you. 

We permit franchisors to be seen by a large audience and we expose your brand on our innovative, continuously updated and simple to use franchise recruitment platform. All of the effort we put in helps gain the interest of potential franchisees for your brand! 

We're far from just an online Franchise Directory... 

Franchise Supermarket is far from just an online Franchise Directory, we also offer a Franchise SuperMatch lead handling service whereby an experienced Franchise recruitment consultant will handle all franchise enquiries for your brand. They will then speak, meet and walk them through the franchise recruitment process, so you don't have to! We also have a pretty good track record of delivering, even if we do say so ourselves. 

We also print and publish the annual Franchise Supermarket Directory that will see large volumes distributed for FREE at major franchise and business exhibitions throughout the UK. All brands promoting on Franchise Supermarket in December will automatically receive a basic listing within this publication.