Pet Franchises

Franchises for sale in the UK within the Pet Franchise sector are available for you to view on Franchise Supermarket today. We’ve put together the best Pet Franchises available for sale within the UK franchise industry. 

The Pet franchise sector is booming and there’s no surprise when it was estimated that 40% of UK households have pets! For a pet-based franchise, these numbers are really encouraging and show the true potential of setting up a pet-based franchise business within the UK. This isn’t a fad, our love affair with pets is here for good. 

As the UK moves closer to half of all households in the country owning pets, the pet industry will only continue to grow. This then opens a huge opportunity within the pet franchise sector to market products and services aimed towards our beloved pets. It’s estimated that we spend between £21,000 - £33,000 on our dogs during their lifetime. These costs will cover such areas as grooming, pet food, pet toys and treats, all of which are covered by franchisees within the pet sector. That’s astonishing when you consider the average dog has a lifespan of between 10 – 15 years.

Rachel's Pet Service Franchise

With key working hours between 9am and 3pm on weekdays, this is a job that can flexibly work around another part time job, family or other commitments

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Minimum Investment: £0.00

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Scamps and Champs

Run your own Pet Services Business with a Scamps & Champs franchise

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Minimum Investment: £9,995.00

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