Advisors Role for The Franchising Centre Chairman

Brian Duckett, Chairman of The Franchising Centre, sat on a panel of advisers at The Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit in London in July. The panel heard from three emerging restaurants which are either dipping their toes into the world of Franchising or are on the verge of diving in.

 The panel provided feedback on the concepts as well as offering advice to help them succeed.

 Mr Duckett commented, 

“It’s always a great privilege to be asked to join panels like this at conferences as it’s good to be able to share knowledge and help prospective franchisors get their business going” He further added “This was a particularly interesting panel with some good ideas shared and offered to a burger business from Finland, a South African food concept from Cornwall and a mobile cocktail operation based in the North-West of England”.


“There was a great deal of practical experience on the panel. I hope that the presenters took away and implement the advice that we gave them so that they can make a success of their franchises should they decide to take that route to expansion” Mr Duckett added.  

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