Amazon are celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day by holding a three part series on encouraging women into logistics!

Amazon are celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day by encouraging women to look at logistics as a potential career path.

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By breaking down barriers and removing any fear or doubt associated with the roles or job vacancies within the logistics industry, Amazon are holding a three part series of events that will be showcasing the rewarding and prosperous roles they can have within the logistics sector. They are going to be looking at topics such as 'Imposter Syndrome', 'Active Listening & Feedback' and 'Time Management and Women in Logistics'. 

It is a great event for networking, sharing ideas and personal stories as well as celebrating women in general. 

The panel for the event is top tier too, with Gemma Jones, Snr Business Development Manager of Amazon Logistics, leading the line-up as well as other key figures such as Kemi Ajao, Ashleigh Watson, Victoria Norman and Joesephine Faal. 

The first part of the series kicks off on November 19th at 16:00-17:30 GMT. 

To register for the event, click here.

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