Children's 'Stay and Play' option is just the ticket!

It’s not every day you are presented with an opportunity to combine work with play. But that is exactly what happened to local Dad Shaun Rapley, for he is on track to open two new children’s ‘stay and play’ options – one in the Leicestershire village of Newtown Linford, the other a little further north-west in Swadlincote.

The Train Time ‘Stay and Play’ facilities are centred around trains – and lots of them! Over 200 feet of track will be laid and an endless supply of carriages promise to make for an exciting play time.

Train Time Newtown Linford opens Sunday 14th July at Newtown Village Hall.

Train Time Swadlincote opens Sunday 21st July at Moira Village Hall.

36 year old Operations Manager Shaun, decided to combine corporate life with a franchise opportunity with ‘Train Time UK’ as it offered him the opportunity to combine work and family life in a flexible and fun way.

So, what was it that made Shaun jump onboard?

“There are so many possibilities to bring Train Time to play groups, schools and other educational settings. It’s not only a great way to have fun but also a chance to engage with and get involved in the local community, meeting new people and providing an amazing activity for families."

“I love everything it stands for. The emphasis on children’s play, children’s imagination and love of trains. The concept is just amazing! And I cannot wait to see the children’s faces when they enter the room for the first time!”

The appeal of a trainset for children remains a mystery, but if one thing is certain, it is that trains are a fascination – for boys and girls, not forgetting their parents too. And, they have a purpose which can also enhance a child’s development in many ways. 

“I have my own 4 year old train enthusiast daughter who can't wait to get involved!”

‘Have fun with your little one and play trains until your heart is content’ is how the sessions are promoted – and this is evident as soon as you step into a Train Time venue.

It is suitable for 'active babies and beyond' and each session lasts for 60 minutes. Train Time is not just about playing, it is about learning too – the little ones’ minds go into overdrive; it helps develop their motor skills, their problem solving abilities and it helps expand their vocabulary and communication skills, whilst also encouraging creativity and imagination.

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