Clear Brew Highlands franchisee speaks with the local press

Wai, proud owner of Clear Brew Highlands, talks to The Press and Journal about his background and life as a Clear Brew franchisee.

After spending his childhood in Staffordshire and studying in South Wales, Wai relocated to the Highlands for work. Inspired by his self-employed parents, he came across the Clear Brew franchise whilst searching for opportunities to have a business of his own. Alongside his many hobbies, Wai has now spent many years building Clear Brew Highlands and developing a strong business.

As with all the Clear Brew franchises, Wai works hard to build a relationship with his clients and give them the best service possible. He ensures each beer line clean carried out in his region is thorough and accurate. Wai told the Press and Journal one his proudest moments whilst being part of the Clear Brew team was when one of his customers told him ‘that his Guinness was the best he’d tasted in more than 20 years.’ This is a great example of customer satisfaction creating job satisfaction for this Clear Brew franchisee.

Wai continues to work hard, grow his Clear Brew business and ensure the beer lines in the Highlands are maintained to the highest standard.

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