Dictate the hours you work with a Home-Based Franchise

Are you missing out by not running a home-based Franchise?

Contemplating whether working for someone else is the right path you want to continue down on? To be fair, why would you want to make money for someone else’s pockets instead of your own? 

When you put it like the above, surely, it’s a no brainer? So now you know you want to make money for yourself, so what franchise do you opt for?  That is the golden question which usually revolves around key facets such as….

  • How much investment do you have available? The larger investment franchises tend to bring in more profit.
  • Where are you based geographically? Is the Franchise Territory even available?

We’re going to help you out a bit and focus this article on one key sector that we believe shouldn’t be ignored when considering what franchise to look at. That sector is the Home-Based Franchises.

A Home-Based Franchise usually comes with minimal overheads, so it allows you to continue to operate during difficult times. Any franchise business that isn’t dependant on Office Space, Shop Front, Factory or retail can be classified as a home-based franchise opportunity.

It’s becoming more and more accessible to work from home with smart phones that allow you to email and make/take calls as if you were in an office (cloud phone apps), allowing scope for anyone with broadband to become a franchisee.

Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

So, what are the key benefits to running a home-based franchise opportunity?

Snooze that alarm for a little longer…

One attractive benefit for investing into a home-based franchise opportunity is the fact that you’re no longer required to commute to and from work! Less commuting time means less stress and more time to invest into your own business. As they say, time equals money. 

Being in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home could also help you feel more comfortable. All in all, less stress should help you build a successful and profitable franchise business. 


Being at home means that you can effectively choose the hours you work and what you do. You won't have anyone to answer to (no boss), so it allows additional freedom to be there for the family. There’s no more rushing after work to make the school play or sports day.

Lower Franchise Investment & ongoing costs

Naturally, Home-Based Franchise opportunities are seen to be cheaper than that of franchises operating in other sectors. You’ll incur zero costs on renting office space or retail units. There’s genuinely minimal stock that must be purchased, keeping your overheads to a minimum.

As Home-Based franchises offer you the opportunity to work from home remotely, this will also present the opportunity to save money on unnecessary utility bills meaning that you’ll make a return on your investment a lot quicker!

If you did need to branch out and employ then there is the possibility that they could also work from home, keeping costs down. Most meetings can be conducted online via platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

Choose the hours you want to work

Many home-based franchise opportunities can be operated part-time, leaving you as the franchisee with plenty of time for your other commitments. But even full-time franchises can operate to suit your ideal work schedule. By working earlier in the morning or later into the evening, you can free up space during the day to attend family events, or even have some you-time.

Recent research demonstrates that breaking the working schedule up with the addition of exercise or some downtime can help boost productivity.

As a Franchisee and business owner you will undoubtedly want to be successful through your business being as profitable as possible. There is a way to blend your working hours with your social life when you work for yourself. If you’re self-motivated and still show the hunger to succeed you’ll be able to dictate the hours and how often you work.

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