East Anglian Lakeland Verandah franchisees are loving life

Philip Short and Callum Collins-Butterton, the joint owners of the Lakeland Verandahs Franchise in East Anglia have made things work very successfully for them.

Lakeland Verdandahs East Anglian Franchisees

Business is set to boom for the pair this year, with them aiming to have 100 happy customers with UPVC decks fitted in the East Anglian counties of Norfolk and Suffolk by the end of 2021. They bought into the franchise as they wanted the opportunity to work for an already well-esteemed business with a proven model, and saw it as a brilliant opportunity to develop long-lasting skills that will enable them to take on any challenge.

The quality of the UPVC decking product was also a big attraction for Philip and Callum, amongst other things.

“It’s superb, and it’s eco-friendly, durable and safe, a lot of things that other decking companies often overlook" - Philip Short, East Anglian Franchisee

“I’m very green-minded, so I love that I can encourage people to be the same with the product.”

Callum added: “It’s such a great idea, the future of decking, I would say. Not only that, but the payment options are also key in this day and age.”

Both have varied career backgrounds, with Philip’s mostly consisting of service and sales roles. He likes making the process of purchasing as enjoyable as it can be for customers, emphasising great customer care and service along the way, prior to fitting at a customer’s destination.

Callum had been involved in the construction industry since leaving High School, working as everything from a plasterer and demolition labourer to a trades assistant in plumbing when he lived in Sydney for two years. He also fitted conservatories, fascia's and external aesthetic products for a well-known national home improvement company.

They’re each delighted with the latest chapter in their careers. Philip is very complimentary of how they’re being helped to drive their franchise forward:

“Amongst being able to offer fantastic products at great prices, the support has been fantastic. Working with highly experienced individuals who work in a great, friendly, family-like atmosphere gives us all the edge we need, as does the marketing and customer-focused approach.”

Territories around the UK within the Lakeland Franchise Network are still available if you are interested in running a regional Lakeland branch.

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