Enhance your lifestyle with a Home Improvement Franchise

The Home Improvement Franchise Sector

The housing decline hit us all hard, well nearly all of us… Those running home improvement businesses did however witness a pleasant upturn. The Home Improvement market was valued at around £7.2bn at the end of 2015, that represented an increase on the previous year of 4%.

The housing market is as temperamental as your other half, it’s either too expensive due to the rising property prices or people are unwilling/unable to uproot or the property market has crashed, and home owners are reluctant to sell at the going rate. This uncertainty within the housing market has led most to improving what they currently have.  

Keeping up with fashion and design trends has led to a huge surge in sales within the housing franchise sector. Franchisees within the Home Services sector could be operating any number of franchise businesses including;

  • Kitchen Fitting franchises
  • Door replacement franchises
  • Laying and tiling floors
  • Painting & decorating franchises
  • Furniture repair franchises
  • Window Replacement franchises
  • Loft Extensions franchises
  • Loft Access improvement
  • Blind and shutter franchises
  • Plumbing franchises
  • Air Conditioning franchises
  • Kitchen Surface repair and replacement franchises
  • Home Maintenance franchises
  • Restoration franchises
  • DIY franchises
  • Interior design franchises
Home Improvement Franchises

Some of the most popular home improvement upgrades can range from small remodels and redesigns, this could be in the form of replacing kitchen doors or worktops to building completely new additions onto existing structures, this could be in the form of inputting completely new shutters within the home.

Recently, we’ve witnessed a shift from home owners undertaking DIY (Do It Yourself) themselves to outsourcing 3rd parties to undertaking the work and home improvement on their behalf. This has opened a huge demand (home improvement sector valued at £7.2bn) for prospective home improvement franchisees to take advantage of.

Kitchen and bathrooms have seen to be the most popular renovation projects within the home and brands such as Dream Doors & Trend Transformations franchisees offer services to renovate kitchen doors and worktops. Renovations are done at a cheaper rate compared to replacing the entire kitchen in one hit and improving the appearance of the entire property at the same time, making this an attractive proposition for homeowners. Other home improvement franchisees can assist home owners by creating much required space in the form of loft conversions/access or garage conversions.

Home owners are not just using the services of home improvement franchisees for keeping the structure of their home in excellent condition, they’re also interested in keeping their homes modern and aesthetically pleasing with interior decorating. This is where Custom-made blinds from window blind franchises are experiencing a huge upturn in sales due to this desire. Brands such as Marla Custom Blinds have an in-house factory that produces bespoke blinds exclusively for their franchisees to market, sell and fit.

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