Franchise Opportunities in… Aberdeen

Why choose Aberdeen as a place to run your Franchise?

Aberdeen has got some very attractive highlights… one being the accent! It was once known as the Oil capital of Europe and is the 3rd most populous cities in Scotland. Aberdeen is a lively city with a great diversity of people and businesses to get involved in, therefore meaning plenty of opportunity for you to get involved. Aberdeen has also got a very low unemployment rate which is a great accolade to have knowing the majority of your populous is in work and adding to the economy.

Despite being a fair distance away from Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh, Aberdeen is still very accessible. With links to these major cities via train all being over 2 hours, be prepared for a fair commute. Also, with connections via airline to 23 airports both nationally and internationally; this helps ease the mind of anyone who needs to get there ASAP.

Are there suitable areas for me to start-up a Franchise?

There are a few areas in Aberdeen that have great facilities for those looking to start your Franchise journey. We have highlighted a few below:

  • Aberdeen International Business Park (AIPB) – This is the ‘go-to’ location for people who want a premium office space. Situated opposite the airport and great access onto the motorway, this allows easy commuting to and from the workplace. For important client meetings or just a place to get focussed, this workplace will be a great space for those who want to the take their business to the next level.
  • Aberdeen Business Park – Similar to the above business park, it is another international commercial site and home to a fair few oil and gas technology companies. With lots of bespoke office suites and lots of design and build options this park is great for those companies again looking to revolutionise their business. Located again near the airport and on the connection to the A96, it offers various options of travel to get to.
  • Aberdeen City – The city itself is a great location for various franchises to get started. With plenty of people to appeal to, the city has broad road networks and links via trains and buses so that you can always be reached. Perfect for those looking to take on a franchise that requires a good footfall of people, the city centre is a great place for Food & Beverage and Retail Franchises.

What kind of support will I receive in Aberdeen?

Aberdeen has various offers loans to new and existing small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). They have lots of special funds available presently for businesses both starting up or already trading that can help relieve finance pressures that currently people could have or are worried to have. From established sectors such as industrial and cleaning to hospitality and tourism franchises, all these are under the umbrella of the support umbrella that is being offered. This all ties in nicely with the business support that you will receive from you Franchisor.

Aberdeen may feel like a distant land, however with its fantastic services and support network offered by the Government it is a great place to start up and call home. And if the stresses of work become too much… you can always ‘swing’ by to one of the 70 golf courses in Aberdeen. Or to the 17 whiskey distilleries, whichever takes your tipple!