Franchise opportunities in... Coventry

Why choose Coventry as a place to run your Franchise?

The city of Coventry is quite legendary, rumoured to be the birthplace of St. George the dragon slayer and patron saint of England! Coventry is located South-East of Birmingham and is almost the most central city in England, making it super location for potential businesses. With it being just outside Birmingham, the 3rd biggest city in England by population and boasting 325,000 people itself, the opportunities via people flow are impressive.

As previously mentioned, the centralised location of Coventry means that you can get to major cities in record times. You can get to Manchester on a train in just over 2 hours, London in 1 hour and Birmingham in under 30 minutes. It is also connected directly to Glasgow and Edinburgh too if you want to journey that far north.

Are there suitable areas for me to start a Franchise?

Coventry has got some great locations for you to be able to begin your franchise journey. With a very busy city centre and hustling neighbouring outskirts, it is an exciting prospect for all sorts of Franchises. There are some great gateways to look at too:

  • Middlemarch Business Park – This business park is one for those who value community and a sense of belonging. Set in a lovely landscape, this park is situated in the south-east of Coventry and is again accessible from all methods of transports
  • Westwood Business Park – Home to almost 50 companies, the Westwood Business park has got all sort of spaces depending on what Franchise you are after. From modern office spaces to spacious warehouses, it makes for the perfect set up. It is easily accessible via the road, rail or even air! 

As well as these business parks, there is plenty of scope within the city itself for you to start your Franchise. As an up and coming area, the potential for a new beginning is very possible no matter what industry you are tempted by. 

Will I receive support with my Franchise start-up?

The Government has identified Coventry as one of the UK’s 20 new growth points and has an exciting regeneration programme. The Duplex Investment Fund which is designed to give businesses flexibility, by combining loans and grants, they need in the early days to help relieve the pressure of their finances. There is also the CWRT (Coventry and Warwickshire Reinvestment Trust), which is a “not for profit” specialised financial institution which offers loans to businesses and entrepreneurs who are unable to obtain regular loans from high street banks. These can vary from £1,000-£100,000. Finally, there is the CWGBP (Coventry and Warwickshire Green Business Programme), which aims to save you money on your utility bills. These grants are up to £50,000 and are available to SME’s who want to save carbon on LED lighting and other renewable energies. 

These Government schemes and grants obviously also accompany any help that you will naturally receive from your Franchisor when first beginning.