Franchise opportunities in... Doncaster

Why choose Doncaster as a place to run your franchise?

Doncaster is known for a variety of things and has got a few major accolades; the first flushing toilet, the oldest racecourse (St Leger), the only polar bears in the UK and the worlds oldest goldfish! It is a fantastic area that has got some great facilities and areas that you can look to profit from.

Home to 110,000 people it is a very densely populated area, whilst also neighbouring some other major places such as Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds and Hull. Due to its location in the North, it is a sought-after location and because of how easily accessible it is it makes very promising too. With train transport being on the East Coast Mainline, London is only 1.5 hours away, Edinburgh being 3 hours and Leeds only being 40 minutes. It is also located on the A1 which allows for easy travel up and down the country so commuting should never be an issue.

Franchise opportunities in Doncaster

Are there suitable areas for me to start-up a franchise in Doncaster?

In the Doncaster area, there are plenty of locations in that you can establish yourself in. 

Here are a few examples you can explore:

  • Doncaster Lakeside Village – The Lakeside village is in the heart of Doncaster and has 45 famous stores already onsite. They are usually outlet stores with offers of up to 60% all year round and has got some great restaurants and shopping stores. It is a great area for a franchise that requires the need to have people visit such as the food & beverage or retail and is busy all year round.
  • Atlas/Hutton/Lakeside Business Parks – These business parks and a great starter location for a head office with some great facilities and access points depending where you need commuting to. With great prices and affordable rates, it eases those financial worries that you may have when first beginning.

What kind of business support will I receive in Doncaster?

There are numerous grants available for people to apply for when looking to open their franchise in the Doncaster area. We have listed a few below:

  • Doncaster Council – The council are looking to heavily support and fund the areas businesses due to how hard they have been hit by COVID-19. They have plenty of grants that you can apply for depending on what sector you are in and what relief fund you are looking for. Be sure to check these out first
  • Finance for Enterprise – This firm look to help provide financial support to new start-up businesses by helping them acquire loans and consultancy support. They help assist your loan applications and provide investment managers and business support managers who tailor each of their bespoke plans and targets directly to your business

This should help summarise Doncaster’s potential for you to start up a franchise and get involved in the industry. A mixture of Franchises will do well in this area and with a great volume of people around you to get you going it would be certainly worth a thought. You never know, you could always be the new ‘world’s first’ something to come out of Doncaster.