Franchising in 2022 - Sectors to watch

After the last two years many of us cant wait to bring in a new year, and the changes that will bring. With so much disruption, and especially to the employment market, has led to even more people to making decision on their future. Franchising in 2022 offers a huge opportunity and in this article we will look at some sectors that will thrive.

Franchising in 2022

With the advent and development of the internet and the digital world, old ways of consuming good and services are fading in popularity, and we are always asked “is franchising still successful?”. The answer is, Yes. Franchising is a business model, not a business. Franchises in bricks and mortar locations or restaurant franchises are just evolving with the new normal, and as such franchising is thriving and still the most successful way to enter the world of business ownership.

Franchising in 2022 and popular franchise sectors

Learning and Education franchises

Most parents will agree that the most important thing they can help their children achieve is a good education. The Covid-19 Pandemic didn’t just disrupt your working, children across the world, and in our case the UK, had their education halted.

Tutoring franchises will experience an increased popularity as its inevitable some teachers will opt to working from home than return to the class room. Franchises that provide learning and online learning solutions will thrive and will be one of top franchising sectors of 2022.

Health and fitness franchises

There has been a consistent rise in the value we place on health and fitness. More and more of us are becoming more conscious of the choices we make. Health clubs, gyms and healthy eating has become a popular choice, and this is set to continue in 2022.

Fitness franchises that focus on the exercise with the use of technology are our expected sectors to thrive.

Restaurants and food franchises

Yes, that’s right we said restaurants. There will always be a place for people to go eat at. There will always be a place where people can make orders from our cars. Yes, we will see casualties of the bricks and mortar businesses, but a lot are evolving and changing how they get their product to the consumer. Food trucks/kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, even for the more established restaurants.

These smaller operations, with smaller start up and running costs, will become a main stay of the food market. And smaller locations that couldn’t support a full fitted location could offer their food via a food truck.

Travel franchises

If there is one industry that has probably suffered the most its the travel industry. Planes have been grounded, cruises stopped, and entire countries in lockdown. But as we saw in 2021, when the time is right, we love to get away. This will be the case in 2022, and we expect when restrictions are lifted many more of us will be looking forward to booking their holidays and getting away.