Gaming set to take over the world

The world of gaming has never been so healthy. The gaming industry continues to grow year on year, and with new games, consoles and new technology it seems gaming is not only here to stay but to take over.

Estimates, from the sector, put it at over 2.3 billion gamers across the globe, and by the end of 2018 it is expected that between them they will have generated around £65 billion in game revenues. Remember anyone with a Smartphone is a potential client, so this number is set to keep increasing, as the number of smartphone users continues to rise.

Gaming franchise opportunities

Talking of smartphones, the mobile industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and with smartphone usage currently estimated at 3 billion users (2018), the money-making opportunities are limitless. And with the ever-evolving upgrades on technology this has led to the biggest growth in the overall mobile sector, mobile gaming, and given the success of games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, to name a few with revenues close or above £1 BILLION, it’s not surprising.

How would I make money in gaming franchises?

Traditionally gaming was very hard for investors to get into, and often was only for big investment groups that would invest in a future product, game or console. But that has all changed over the last 15 years and even more so thanks to the internet and mobile gaming.

App based gaming businesses generate their revenue in two ways, by in-app purchases and advertising revenues. The more players they get into the game, the more they spend, the more money the game will make, which equates to more money in your back pocket. Project M, offers potential franchises exactly that, a chance to own and design their own specific level on a gaming app, the franchisees job is to direct gamers, traffic, to their level and with that will profit from the micro transactions, purchases, the user makes as well as advertising revenue. Now, I am sure there are some of you now reading thinking; “Hang on, I am not very tech savvy and I know nothing about the gaming world”, well that’s perfectly normal, you are buying a franchise, and the franchisor only makes money from your success so it’s in their best interest to train and support you as best they can – so rest assured that on-going training and support is provided.

For companies like CeX, the 2nd hand goods store with over 125+ locations across the UK, make their money from re-selling used games, DVDs and hardware, and with console gaming growing every year this makes this business a very profitable one for anyone look to run a business.

The demand for gaming increases, and people of all ages, with different demands are finding a game for them. This means that the money goes a lot further than just to those directly involved in the making or selling of the games. Game Wagon franchisees make great returns on their investment by offering a party wagon, completely stocked up with consoles and games, and has become a must have for girls and boys birthday parties, school fetes, and other events.