Grow your own business with a Gardening Franchise

There are many different franchise sectors to research and compare when contemplating whether being your own boss through a tried and tested system (franchise model) is the way forward for you. One franchise sector that is sometimes overlooked is that of the Gardening franchise industry. It may not have the glitzy advertisement and marketing as some large food and beverage franchise networks may have at their disposal, but a gardening or landscaping franchise could still be the perfect solution for you. Most Gardening franchise opportunities are van based franchises that give you the opportunity work from home and to ultimately grow a management franchise network.

As with most franchises, and mentioned briefly above, most of the marketing advertising through a franchise network is undertaken centrally via head office. The bigger the brand the more recognisable the services are you provide. Having a centralised marketing hub for the entire franchise network is far more beneficial for business owners that have just launched. Ultimately this allows you more time as the new franchisee to focus on delivering the work within your franchise territory, knowing that the lead generation through marketing is being undertaken via the franchise head office.

Gardening Franchises

Most franchisors will apply a marketing levy, that will allocate your franchise territories contribution towards the national marketing budget for the entire franchise network, giving you greater marketing power as a brand and will present you with additional time as head office will be undertaking this task on your behalf.

Gardening within the UK continues an upwards trend when it comes to horticultural enthusiasts taking a key interest in this area. Over recent years Gardening has become far more fashionable and younger generations have taken a key interest. This, on top of the rising aging population has led to a bit of a renaissance with horticultural activities. It’s become trendy to ensure you have a relaxing environment for your garden space and more and more Brits are turning to the services of professional gardeners and landscapers to maintain their gardening areas.

It is important to note that when you do opt for a Gardening Franchise, you will benefit from all the systems in place, guidance and advice from the franchisor, but you must remember that you are still responsible for your own business within your own franchise territory.

The gardening industry within the UK is estimated to be worth over £400 million! That’s a lot of green fingers right there! Some of the reasons behind this staggering investment are as follows;

  • We are becoming busier with both our professional working lifestyle and family duties. Having someone take care of the gardening releases some of the burden.
  • One less stress to continue as the Gardening franchise will visit on set dates every month to maintain your garden.
  • Potentially cost effective, gardening materials and equipment can prove to be rather expensive.
  • A well-maintained garden can ultimate increase the value of your estate.

The beauty of the gardening, lawn care & landscaping industry is repeat business. Provided you do a great job homes will always need grass cutting, general gardening services & lawn care. This repeat business is a great way to build a robust and sustainable gardening franchise business, which is why many gardening related franchise opportunities have had global success

Gardening continues to be one of the most popular hobbies in the UK, thanks to a growing interest among younger generations in recent years. This, coupled with a rising ageing population, has led to a resurgence in horticultural activities. There are many health benefits associated with gardening including relaxation, exercise, fun and nutrition, yet more and more Brits are turning to professional gardeners to keep their lawns and flowers beds looking trim.

Is it time you considered a Lawn Care Franchise, Landscape Franchise, grounds maintenance franchise and gardening franchise? This is a franchise sector that’s clearly blooming, so stop burying your head and have a look at some of the brilliant Gardening franchises available today. 

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