Innovation and new services drives enormous growth in 2020

2020 was a year of growth for the Total Clean franchise network who, despite numerous lock downs, saw their annualised turnover increase by over 50%.

Innovation and new services drives enormous growth in 2020

In part this was due, understandably, to the increased requirement for cleaning from our existing customers.

It was also due to Total Clean’s swift response to the pandemic:

  • ensuring we could provide a covid secure, and uninterrupted service to our existing and new customers
  • developing new Covid related services, to offer our customers and new profitable revenue streams for our franchise partners
  • implementing improved technology to facilitate efficient ordering and receipt of payment

Covid Decontamination Service

Building on our 30+ years’ experience, including daily and deep cleaning of NHS, Private Medical Practices and Dental Surgeries to CQC standards and complying with our obligations as an Infection Prevention Solutions Approved Partner, we developed our own range of products and equipment specifically for dealing with the cleaning and hygiene requirements of medical facilities.

We have now also added a specialised new product TD-C19 which together with the use of electro static foggers targets and eliminates bacteria and viruses and destroys all traces of Covid 19 in the air and on all surfaces.

Our franchise partners are able to offer this new, very much needed service, to domestic and commercial premises opening up a very lucrative new revenue stream.

Covid Prevention Service

Protection against pathogens is more important than ever. Surfaces touched by many people such as door handles, lift buttons, keyboards and even desks, are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses, and facilitate their spread. To protect surfaces and prevent transmission through touch we have introduced a Covid 19 Prevention Service. Using an electrostatic fogger and our specialist chemicals we are able to protect all surfaces from infection and contamination for up to 30 days.

This service is 99.99% effective against COVID 19 and other pathogens including Norovirus, E.Coli, MERS and MRSA.

Both of these services are an added extra to our main stay – regular, contracted cleaning of commercial premises.

New Technology

Both of these new revenue streams may be offered to the domestic and commercial market, and are in high demand. We have therefore developed an On-Line Shop to make it easier for clients to book and pay for these services and to reduce the admin involved for our franchises. Clients simply selects their preferred date and time for the service, make payment electronically and our teams just turn up and supply the service. It couldn’t be simpler

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