Local Franchise Opportunities in Lincoln

Why should I choose Lincoln as the territory to launch my franchise?

Launching your own business isn’t an easy feat and requires dedication and hard work to ensure the franchise model you’ve opted for replicates the success of other franchisees. Once you’ve decided that Lincoln is the destination for your franchise territory then you need to consider the following steps;

  • Business premises – where will you set up and run your franchise operation from? Some franchises offer a home-based model so these ones have already decided that outcome for you.
  • Setting up your business on Companies House, although you’re acquiring a legit franchise model that can be replicated, you still need to set up your own company via companies house in order to acquire the name. For example, James Brown Limited trading as McDonalds.
  • Marketing within your franchise territory – most franchise launches will come with a dedicated franchise launch package to help promote your new business within the franchise territory of Lincoln City.
  • Before acquiring the franchise, you may seek additional funding to help secure your franchise territory within Lincoln and it’s important to remember that funding suppliers will require a support business plan when applying for funds to contribute towards the acquisition of a franchise.
  • Is the franchise territory of Lincoln enough for trading? Most franchisors will have paid for bespoke territorial mapping that will outline franchise territories such as Lincoln and these can be divided by Chimney pots, no. of businesses, population, population of certain age ranges and so on. The franchisor needs to demonstrate that there is potential within the Lincoln franchise territory to succeed with this brand.
Local Franchise Opportunities in Lincoln

Lincoln isn’t just the ideal franchise territory because of its picturesque views, oh no! It’s a really good location to trade as a franchisee, the territory witnessed a boom during the industrial revolution that continued into the 20th century. Lincoln is seen as a hotbed for ecommerce businesses and there’s plenty of online franchises and ecommerce franchise opportunities to choose from to operate within this unique franchise territory.

Travel Routes from the Franchise Territory of Lincoln

Lincoln is nestled in the East Midlands which grants it access to the reliable East Midlands train route that will see you in Nottingham within an hour and Sheffield within 90 minutes, presenting you with opportunities to handle business in these major cities.

In terms of airports, the nearest locations to the Lincoln Franchise Territory are the Humberside and Robin Hood Doncaster Airports, that present an opportunity to travel to other UK based cities and throughout Europe.

The Lincoln Franchise Territory has recently undergone a major Transport Hub Scheme revitalisation that has seen a new state of the art bus depot created, additional multi storey car parking space, additional retail outlets, pedestrian plaza and improvements to the railway station.

Access to Support through the Lincoln Franchise Territory

The University of Lincoln’s Sparkhouse provides managed office space for new business and franchise launches within Lincoln. For franchises that have been trading for under 12 months, there is the Lincolnshire Business Support Network that will provide invaluable support and advice.

Similarly, the Lincolnshire Chamber of commerce will also be supporting local franchises within the Lincoln Franchise territory and offers membership and networking opportunities to grow your business within the city.

Funding available to help support your Franchise

One benefit for launching your franchise within the Lincoln Franchise territory is the fact that Lincoln City Council are offering free expert advice and grants ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 to help support your franchise within the area.

Another greener funding option is that of the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund that will be available to franchises within he territory, granting them access to up to £10,000 capital contribution towards energy saving equipment.

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