Local Franchise Opportunities in Swansea

Why should I choose Swansea as the franchise territory for my proposed franchise venture?

Swansea a beautiful, idyllic city that is well renowned for its tourism trade, but it’s not just tourism that makes Swansea such an appealing location.

Swansea is also listed as one of the best places to launch a business or franchise within the UK, making it a prime spot for prospective franchisees scouring potential franchise territories to run their respective operation within.

On top of this, Swansea also benefits from ‘Business Wales’, which is a dedicated service provider to assist people looking to either launch, run or grow their respective business or franchise within Wales. The support from Business Wales provides would be business owners with valuable information, workshops, advice & guidance online and via meetings at their dedicated Business Wales Centres. This initiative is part funded by the European Regional Development fund (through the Welsh Government) and its primary task is to ensure businesses and franchises prosper within the franchise territory of Swansea. 

Travel Links

Swansea is second only to Cardiff in terms of ranking for major cities within Wales and benefits from the locality to the capital (Cardiff). Cardiff is in fact only an hour a way via both train and car and Cardiff is home to the Cardiff International Airport, which again is only an hour commute down the M4. So, Swansea does present the opportunity to travel internationally or the option to fly to major cities within England as well.

On top of this, Swansea is still regarded as a major port and the majority of its trade is done with North West Europe, Ireland and the Mediterranean via this port, opening up a brilliant opportunity for prospective franchisees that would deal with European countries.

Local Franchise Opportunities in Swansea

The attraction to launch your Franchise in Swansea

Swansea isn’t as large as other major cities with a population of just 243,000, but this presents the perfect opportunity for a prospective franchisee to relocate from the hustle and bustle of a major city such as London and enjoy the benefits of trade, business and resources from a franchise territory in a more rural setting such as Swansea.

Access to Business Support within the franchise territory of Swansea

Swansea Start initiative aims to remove barriers for entry for entrepreneurs looking to start or relocate in the region. The organisation offers several events and networking opportunities for digital firms looking for premises, staff and business partners.

Access to grants and funding

One area that really stands out when considering Swansea as your potential franchise territory is the access to grants available to help support both the launch and growth of your franchise network. One such provider is that of the Innovation Point that assists new launches specifically within the territory of Swansea. This accelerator was compiled to take on up to 12 businesses on a six-month cycle to assist them with securing investment.

Another accelerator available to businesses looking to launch within Swansea is that of the TechHub that runs a £10,000 initiative within the city to aid the growth of local businesses and franchises respectfully.  

Lastly, there is the Local Investment Fund, that will provide up to £5,000 in grants to assist launches and existing businesses and franchises to grow their respective operations.

Access to talent

Swansea is seen as being one of the mainstream large cities within the United Kingdom, it does contain a surprisingly high number within its student campuses. Swansea is fortunate enough to contain two universities within the city;

  • Swansea University
  • The University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • Ashmount Business Park
  • Crucible Park
  • Matrix
  • Penllergaer Business Park
  • Swansea Enterprise Park
  • Swansea West Park
  • Riverside

Swansea university has built up a respectable reputation over recent years in relation to it’s close working relationship with local businesses that offers technical support, training opportunities and the option to take on skilled graduate recruits to really push your franchise network on.

It is also key to note that it is cheaper to hire staff in Swansea when compared to it’s bigger brother Cardiff, a point that should be considered when analysing which franchise territory is best suited for your operation.

Locations for Business

As previously mentioned, Swansea isn’t renowned as being one of the larger cities within the UK, so naturally office space isn’t going to be as readily available in comparison to other city locations.

Some of the business parks where you could potentially run your franchise operation from include;

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