Scamps & Champs open their first franchise in West Ireland

A new business, dedicated to taking care of your pets needs whilst you are at work or on holiday has just started up in the West of Ireland.

Whether it be for that unforgettable holiday or particularly heavy work commitments, time away from your pet is often a very difficult decision to make. Will they be well looked after whilst getting the love and attention they’re used to? Will they be able to cope moving from a home environment to a kennel? If your pet has particular needs, will they get lost in the crowd?

Ultimately such thoughts will play on most pet lovers’ minds, often impacting on their enjoyment of a holiday or concentration on the activity in hand whilst away from their pet. 

This was the very thought process of Peter and Jayne Moorfield when it came to their pet terrier Buddy. Their much-loved pup came to them from their local rescue centre and they soon realised how important it was to find someone they could trust to look after little Buddy when they were away. 

However, they also found that this service was hard to find! 

Scamps and Champs, a successful franchise business that began life in Stockport, near Manchester, UK, offered just the right service.

“The experience we had at finding somewhere for Buddy, motivated us to open our own Scamps & Champs branch, to make the kind of service we thought worked best more widely and consistently available in our area.” Peter explains.

With their backing, Peter and Jayne set up a new business offering a caring and trustworthy service to all pet owners, in the West of Ireland.

Offering to help pet owners who find themselves in the same predicament, Scamps and Champs provide a number of services including dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and general pet assistance. The home boarding service in particular ensures that dog owners can rest assured that their beloved pet is being cared for in the same way as they are used to at home. Dogs are looked after in carer’s homes, with only dogs from a single household being looked after in each home, meaning no unsettling surprises!

Peter said “it is important to us that owners can have complete peace of mind that their animal is being cared for in a safe and secure environment. Home boarding is a great way to know that your dog is receiving the love and attention that they normally receive at home.”

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