Screen Rescue launch new franchisee-friendly website

Amanda Hilario, franchisor of Screen Rescue Commercial Windscreen & Glass Repairs multi-van franchise used her time wisely in lockdown to design and plan a new website that aided and benefited the continuously growing network of franchisees. 

Screen Rescue Franchise Website Homepage

Our primary goal was to produce a website that showcased each active franchisee in their localised territory locations with informative business pages promoting the full range of windscreen and glass repair services they offer. The website needed to be easy to navigate, informative and aesthetically pleasing, in line with our distinctive head-turning corporate branding.

I wanted to create a website that would put each franchisee ‘on the map’ in their own right, as so many franchise websites don’t focus enough on their franchisees and their locations. We have delivered a website that primarily showcases our franchisees and our franchise offering while promoting the services they provide to new and existing clients in all of the Commercial Vehicle sectors.

Within our CASE STUDIES section, for example, each franchisee has a ‘VISIT MY LOCATION PAGE’ which leads to a comprehensive business page and a ‘READ MY STORY’ page where you get to learn more about their journey in becoming a franchise owner.

Screen Rescue Franchise Locations Page

Each business page promotes the full range of services our franchisees offer and where they operate. We work with most of the UK’s major motor groups and are approved suppliers to many of the main dealerships, some of which are featured in testimonials on each franchisees tailored business pages. We also showcase newsworthy Franchise Shout-outs and our latest Tweets so each franchisee is positioned centre stage.

We also wanted to make it easy for any individual wanting to become a franchisee, to navigate the website easily. THE BUSINESS, FRANCHISE PACKAGE and NEXT STEPS sections have key information to help each potential franchisee know more about our Screen Rescue Windscreen and Glass Repairs franchise offering to assist them in their evaluations, and our 2021 brochure can be requested in various locations throughout the website.

Screen Rescue Franchise Package Webpage

Our new website also has a fun ‘roller-counter’ which keeps track on a weekly basis of how many windscreens we have rescued from unnecessary and sadly, needless replacement. Screen Rescue Commercial Windscreen and Glass Repairs franchise is fully committed to a repairs-only policy with zero replacements carried out. Our roller-counter demonstrates the number of windscreens we have prevented entering landfill sites and reveals our collective efforts in maintaining a zero tolerance to landfill waste and our mission to eliminate all non-essential windscreen replacements.

To learn more about becoming a Screen Rescue franchisee, why not visit their page and register your interest by clicking here

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