The great outdoors, is it time to buy a garden franchise?

It’s that time of year where the slightest bit of sunshine makes us office workers, or any unlucky soul trapped inside, envy the outdoor worker bee life. And so, you should. For some, the thought of getting their hands dirty and getting paid sounds very intriguing. Therefore, looking at an gardening franchise could be the right choice for you and your life.

Before we dig into garden franchising (I will stop the puns, eventually), let’s look at some of the facts about the UK garden industry:

  • It's estimated UK consumers spend over £4bn on garden plants, lawn care and leisure items every year
  • The UK gardening market is worth around £400m
  • There are over 2,300 garden centres and retail nurseries in the UK
  • Over 20 million lawns in the UK

With increasingly busier lifestyles due to work or out-of-work activities there is a real demand for someone to take away the burden of keeping their outdoor space neat and presentable, and this would be where you plant yourself. 

One of the best aspects of buying a gardening franchise is the low start up investment and low ongoing costs that you will incur when running this type of business. Other than the cost of the franchise fee, which is normally under £25,000, your outlay will be on tools and equipment. But remember buying into a franchise gives you the purchasing power that comes with a well-established business, so you won’t have to worry about getting the best prices for your new business. 

Although a van may be required from the start, you will not have to worry about renting a large space for an office, shop or staff members. 

The pros of buying a gardening franchise…

There are several reasons to start a gardening franchise, including:

  • Professional gardeners are in demand, with the UK garden market worth over £4bn, there is demand for a professional garden service 
  • The profit potential is high, no office or staff costs are incurred. 
  •  Low start-up costs 
  • There are many different sectors within the outdoor franchises, such as gardening, landscaping, fencing and garden care 
  • You can join a franchise that will generate your business enquiries from day one, as well as all the training and support you will need to run a successful business 
  • You work outdoors!

So, if you are feeling wilted this summer from being stuck inside, then why not look at garden franchising and change your life for the better? The grass really could be greener on the other side.