This is so much more than another 'care' franchise

Acacia Homecare, Northwest London, have tripled their service hours in just one month!

Harvey managed to add a whopping 100 extra hours a week in October 2023 alone, an increase of a 300% on his existing business.

Harvey Dhillon only launched his Acacia Homecare franchise in early 2023, but he is smashing through his growth targets. Usually, it is reasonable to expect new franchisees add 20 to 30 hours a week to their customer base as their reputation grows.

No wonder he’s smiling! Just one of the great good news stories we hope to share with you over the coming months.

Is the care market growing?

We all know the UK care sector is in crisis and struggling to meet the huge demands of the ageing UK population. We also know that many traditional care businesses simply aren’t cutting it, or are failing to provide the quality deserved by those most in need in our communities.

There is an increasing demand from an ageing population with a heightened focus on support for those suffering from learning disabilities and mental health conditions, add to this that more people want to remain at home, there is a growing need for private care at home.. and this is where Acacia Homecare comes in.

Thanks to the innovative Acacia Homecare model, this is a business that carers actually want to work in; you won’t have to struggle to find carers in the same way many traditional care businesses do, and you’ll have an incredible amount of support to find, and retain, the kind of top-quality staff you need.

Not only do Acacia Homecare have a strong recruitment processes you can take advantage of, they are also leading the way in recruiting highly-skilled professionals from overseas, using a government sponsorship scheme.

Becoming an Acacia Homecare franchisee means you are part of a strong family; we collaborate with each other, and communication is a key part to how our business succeeds.

Sounds like something you should to be a part of doesn't it!? Get in touch with us today and find out if owning an Acacia Homecare Franchise is right for you.

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