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Now out of lockdown, we need to remember the lessons of how important a complete cleaning regime is. It is not just washing our hands, but also cleaning the touch points at the workplace that improves our wellbeing. The average person is sick 7.7 days per year, this costs UK business £37 billion per year.

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Consider the following - in the last 30 minutes, you more than likely touched around 300 surfaces. Now think about how that impacts the workplace and the health of your fellow colleagues! Statistics have shown companies who invest in a professional cleaning regime, reduce absenteeism by 80%. Employees who work in clean environments are 40% more productive. Having cleaners visible during working hours provides peace of mind, reduces utility costs and prevents the spread of infectious viral contagions.

As a matter of safeguarding it is incumbent upon us all to pay more attention to those handles, bannisters and copiers that frequently get touched by fingers and even whole hands in the office. It’s scary to think about how many viruses and other pathogens are passed around by simply leaning on the office copier as you wait for the print run.

Infection control in workplaces

Being methodical is the best way to meet modern safety and hygiene standards in workplaces. It is proven cleaning is economically efficient and provides benefit to the bottom line.

This includes not just cleaning everywhere, but also differentiating your cleaning regime according to the area of operation, the work flow, congestion points and the common areas of the office.

Over the past 12 months we at Total Clean have worked closely with our clients using the best products and practices and where required introduced focused high touch point cleaning throughout the day.

We would like hear about your touchpoint safety and hygiene concerns, and to have the opportunity to provide a personalised solution to allay those concerns and implement a professional complete cleaning service to suit you and your employees in the workplace.

It’s never about what it costs, but what our service is worth to You….

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