Total Clean unveil new website and corporate brochure

At Total Clean we understand that the decision to purchase business and/or a franchise is a major “life” decision. For the vast majority of people starting a new business will involve significant, mostly positive, changes to virtually every aspect of their lives. This is obviously a decision that should not be taken lightly and it would be wrong to “sell” or persuade.

We therefore prefer to take the approach that we will provide candidates with all the relevant information they need to help them come to the right for the decision for them and their families.

We have taken this approach in designing and producing our new corporate brochure and website. We take candidates through a logical step by step process, addressing the key questions they should be asking themselves at each step:

  • The benefits of being in business for yourself
  • Why franchising is a good option for setting up a new business
  • Why cleaning is the industry to be in, particularly in these Covid affected times
  • What sets Total Clean apart from other franchise companies 
Global Franchise Magazine recently listed failing to implement effective digital marketing strategies as one of the top five reason why a franchisor may fail. This is something very close to my heart and something I’ve made sure all the franchise brands I’ve been involved with have implemented. So after re-designing the Total Clean system the obvious next step was to get our website and collateral right I worked with an excellent marketing agency – Mzuri, who really helped put my thoughts in order and produced some stunning graphics to illustrate the key points. We have seen a significant increase in enquiries, one new signing who specifically mentioned the quality/relevance of what we produced as part of her decision to join and two to three candidates who I expect to conclude in the next month or so.
Will Gavan, Total Clean Franchise Recruitment Director.

The new brochure has already had plenty of positive feedback from prospective franchisees since its release early this year, with Kerry from South Wales commenting.

"I have been researching and looking at the information that everyone has provided and I am very impressed with the brochure, it is very well thought out, the figures and the presentation and the testimonials. It covers the 7 P's of Marketing as far as I am concerned."
Kerry, South Wales.

Why is Total Clean franchise worth considering?

Total Clean have spent the past few years building on our over 50 years combined experience in Commercial Cleaning and Franchising to develop a best-in-class franchise product. 

We have developed systems that specifically address the key success criteria for any business:

  • Turnover - No sales = No income
  • Profit - Low income or high costs = Low profits
  • Cash Flow - Cash pays the bills, you can be a profitable business with no cash in the bank
  • Growth - In a contract business, if you don't grow, ultimately you die!

As a result we have seen dramatic growth, despite lockdown, have delivered business to our franchisees ahead of plan, and seen our largest franchisees break the £¾ Million Turnover milestone.

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