Why are franchise Discovery Days important?

When attending Franchise Discovery Days the Franchisor will have already planned out in advance an agenda or format that will outline the opportunity in full. A common Franchise Discovery Day format would include a mixture of one-on-one meetings and group presentations. Other elements of the day could include tours of one or more nearby franchise locations and/or interviews/success stories from current operational franchisees.

Why are franchise Discovery Days important?

Franchisee Discovery Days are performed in a relaxed and informative session, where time is spent going through any questions or queries that you as a potential franchisee may have. The Franchisor will also demonstrate how they support and train franchisees to ensure they're a success. Remember, it's in the franchisors best interest for the franchisee to be a success as it's their branding and reputation on the line as well as potential earnings.

Franchise Discovery Days also allow for would be franchisees to have a sneak peek into the company culture of the franchise network. Ultimately, it allows them to see whether the business suits their attitudes and values, and there's not better way to get a feel for the vibe than by attending a Franchise Discovery Day in person.

Discovery Days are primarily aimed at individuals that have started their research process and have narrowed down their choice and are in a position where they can source funds or have funds available if they were to proceed.

There's only so much one can digest from websites and business expos, visiting an actual franchise location can provide valuable insight. You're also in a position whereby you can receive immediate feedback. These events provide would be franchisees the golden opportunity to source the answers to any questions they may have. Franchisee candidates should look to find out what makes the business tick and whether they can replicate a model based on the support and training provided within their designated territory.