Why running a Vending Franchise could present the income and spare time you've always desired...

A vending franchise is an an investment opportunity that presents a cash-only business, that has the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance to look after your 'business' and there's very little storage required. One of the biggest appeals to running a vending franchise is the fact that it's so easy and quick to set up your franchise, it's just a case of finding the right product to sell within your franchise territory. 

Being your own boss via the franchising route can be stocked up and made easy if you opt for a vending machine franchise – especially if you're not too fussed about being held down in one location all day. Vending franchises offer the perfect platform for a would be entrepreneur who's looking to stay active, sociable and has the ability to generate new business whilst managing their existing client base. Japan is seen as the godfather of vending machines, you can literally purchase anything through vending machines and Great Britain is slowly adapting to the efficiency and ease of purchasing via vending machines, which presents a brilliant franchise opportunity. 

As previously mentioned, the UK is slowly adapting to the Japanese way of selling via vending machines, so it's naturally opening up a lucrative market within our shores, and this is backed up by the numbers. 

  • Consumers spent over £1.5 Billion via vending machines 
  • 550,000+ vending machines are currently operational within the UK
  • Over 7 billion items are purchased through vending machines annually

If you're wondering what to sell through your vending machine then the most successful products were smaller items such as hot drinks (Coffee, Latte, Tea & Hot Chocolates), Cold Drinks and snack foods (chocolate bars, crisps, sweets). The hot drinks market is HUGE, and this is demonstrated through 8 million cups of coffee being purchased via consumers and 2 million cops of tea also being purchased daily! The demand for a vending franchise is there for all to see. This growth market offers the practicality, ease and cost that consumers are seeking. 

Still not convinced?

For potential franchisees, one of the biggest attractions to operating a vending franchise is the fact that it's a low cost franchise opportunity, that presents the opportunity to receive a revenue 24 hours a day. The second biggest attraction to running a unique vending franchise opportunity is the fact that it requires little time to actually run your business. In theory, you could even consider running a vending franchise as a second income, as your day to day tasks will mainly involve checking and replenishing stock within your machines. 

When you're conducting your franchise due diligence and deciding which vending franchise is right for you, it's important to conduct the correct market analysis within the franchise territory you're seeking to launch within, is there a true demand for your product in that area? Have you looked at the demographics of the population within that territory? The average living wage and age are also factors to be considered. 

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