A COVID-proof business model

A COVID-proof business model

UK Prestige Car Brokers uses business networking as a key way to drive their client base. During the pandemic business networking groups have all switched to virtual meetings and online 1 to 1s and have therefore become increasingly popular. UK Prestige Car Brokers have found this hugely beneficial to their business model as franchisees are able to engage with even more businesses and their owners without leaving their home office. Whilst we still very much look forward to the return of face to face networking, virtual meetings are here to stay and will be integrated into future networking groups giving our business more opportunities than ever.

How does it work?

The main objective of UK Prestige Car Brokers is to allow customers to purchase a car without having to deal directly with a motor dealer. As a result of lock down and the health risks associated with COVID19, more and more car buyers want to avoid visiting dealers, so the current market has created unprecedented demand because the new purchasing environment is exactly the same way as UK Prestige has operated for years!

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