Annual Turnover up to £50k within 1 month for Total Clean Cambridge

Samer Younis, Total Clean Cambridge franchisee, spent 27 years in the construction industry and found that he was working extremely long hours for insufficient reward and his work-life balance was non-existent. He could no longer spend quality time with his family and finally concluded that something had to change.

Samer has always had a passion for delivering an excellent service and wanted to build a business which could be flexible around his family and at the same time provide a reasonable and steady income.

In front of him was an array of different opportunities, and having looked at other cleaning franchises, he was attracted to Total Clean as one of the UK’s leading franchised commercial cleaning providers, with a proven tried and tested model, and more importantly a guarantee to deliver business.

Samer says “The clarity of their business model and the structure offered me an outstanding opportunity with a comprehensive support and training within my preferred territory (Cambridge), and most importantly the flexibility in term of business scale, allowing me to determine how large and how fast I want my business to grow.”

He met with Total Clean several times and his first impressions were of a company that was really going places and he was very happy that Will answered all his questions openly and honestly providing a real sense that this franchise would give him the opportunity to learn something new while making full use of his previous experience. Samer loved the two-way dialogue and the open communications and sense of working together to achieve the best outcomes for all – Partners in Success.

“The process of enquiring into the franchise with Total Clean was very slick and prompt. I was impressed by Will’s knowledge and professionalism. He was forthright and honest and I found it refreshing how upfront he was.”

Existing Total Clean Franchisees shared excellent and encouraging experiences with Samer and this boosted his confidence to invest in Total Clean. The concept is simple really – it’s repeat business – every building needs to be cleaned day in day out. To Samer cleaning is an inexhaustible market and he doesn’t believe that any other franchise comes with the same market capacity and demand.

Samer was very impressed by the training, carried out by several members of the Head Office support team was fantastic as it not only taught him the practical cleaning skills required but also management issues he hadn’t considered, such as the importance of customer relationships, establishing and managing staff levels, and recruiting the right calibre of staff.

“My guaranteed business has been delivered well ahead of plan! I am proud to say I am my own boss running a successful cleaning company.”

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