Auditel franchisee's latest client has a retainer fee of £5,000 per month, plus share of savings

Lee Freeman joined the Auditel community coming from being a former Financial Director, and was growing increasingly frustrated with working tirelessly for someone else and not being certain of his chosen career path. Lee took matters into his own hands and decided to take control of his own destiny and become self-employed. Having investigated many different franchise options in the market Lee decided Auditel felt like the right fit to his skill set. Lee says “It was the right opportunity for next stage in my own life and career”.

Lee Freeman Auditel Franchisee

Lee himself was the first to admit it is very easy to find reasons not to do something new. He says “When I first explored Auditel my gut feel told me it was right for me. I then spent the next few weeks and months researching and trying to find reasons why not to proceed! Eventually I had to accept I was on the edge of precipice and needed to stop looking for reason why not to jump and just do it. I did, and looking back i’m so glad I found the courage”.

“My biggest fear prior to joining was whether or not I could actually sell the services to clients” reflects Lee, continuing “It wasn’t something I had done before, and I was also concerned if the clients were actually out there”. However, those fears were quickly waylaid when just two months after completing his Auditel training Lee secured his first client.

Lee ambitions are clearly set on building a much bigger consulting practice. He explains “I have just finished my revised business plan and have a very clear goal of reaching £1,000,000 in annual billings in the next 3 to 5 years. I want a business which serves my lifestyle goals, provides an opportunity for my children to work within it and still keeps me intellectually stimulated into semi-retirement in years to come”.

Lee’s Auditel business took a step closer to reaching his goals this month with another new client being secured. From the circa £5,000,000 of spend Lee has under review it certainly looks like he has overcome his early fears of securing good clients.

“Having clients, which could be worth over £100,000 pa to my business, see the value in what Auditel offer is a great feeling and making a positive difference to these organisations is extremely satisfying” Lee says.

Chris Aston, Managing Director of Auditel said “I am just so delighted for Lee, and everyone else in our Auditel community, to see such great clients coming onboard with Auditel at a time when so many other businesses are fighting for their very survival. It really is a testament to hard work of Lee and everyone within Auditel”.

“I talk to so many people just like Lee who want to take control of their own destiny and have strong skills and personal qualities ideal for Auditel, and I would like to help more people to see the potential they have within the Auditel community”. Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment for Auditel

With significant interest in the Auditel franchise opportunities due to being a ‘recession stimulated’ model, now is the time to explore starting your own business with Auditel. 

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