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Auditel is a network of 100 procurement, supply chain and business transformation consultants spread throughout the UK, delivering cost saving and profit boosting solutions to over 3000 clients in the UK over the last 26 years.

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Auditel - The leading management consultancy franchise

Control | Flexibility | Earnings | Enjoyment | Success

Auditel has not only stood the test of time, but during a tough economy it really comes into its own. Why? Because Auditel helps organisations of all shapes and sizes by delivering profit-boosting, cost-saving solutions, that really make a difference, especially in these difficult times.

If you are looking for a professional ‘white collar’ franchise, then you really should explore Auditel.

Who are Auditel?

Auditel is a collaborative network of around 100 franchise partners who have come from varied backgrounds but usually at senior-management or director level. By playing to their strengths, franchisees can form project teams to deliver procurement, supply chain management and business transformation solutions to organisations of wide-ranging industry sectors and sizes.

Since 1994, over 3,000 UK clients have benefitted from Auditel franchised consultants unlocking hidden profits.

Auditel franchisees boost cash-flow within their client’s business by saving money through better procurement, process improvement or identifying how technology can play a greater part in their business. Auditel can make a huge positive difference to their clients, and with an ethos based around sustainability, Auditel seeks to also make a positive impact on the planet too.

An Auditel Franchise can be ideal for people from diverse backgrounds

Auditel can suit people from all industry sectors and areas of expertise. You do not need to be an accountant or a procurement specialist! Auditel offers a broad array of ‘pathways’ to suit your skills, experience and business objectives. This means that if you enjoy client management and business development you can focus your business on these areas and utilise the expertise of franchisees who can deliver the project management aspects.

Equally, if you have experience and knowledge in certain areas, for example, Logistics, Packaging or Waste Management, you can develop this expertise with Auditel and over time, undertake projects for other affiliates alongside your own client activities.

So, you can play to your strengths in Auditel, though every franchisee is thoroughly trained and supported ongoing in all aspects of the business.

"I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment. I was fortunate and very grateful to be able to build our dream home for my family and I last year. I wouldn’t have been able to start my property journey without the income from Auditel and I wouldn’t have been able to build the house if I didn’t have the time – so the flexibility of the franchise has played a pivotal role."
David Kendall – Auditel Practice

Impact of Covid-19 on business creates a significant opportunity for Auditel

With organisations of all types struggling to come to terms with supply chain issues, procurement challenges and enforced business change such as home working and business restructuring, clients have benefitted from Auditel’s expertise and resources that have proved invaluable.

In addition, with many companies furloughing staff or making redundancies, they lack the resources to carry out effective procurement and supply chain management which is why outsourcing to Auditel can save them time and money and deliver results they simply couldn’t achieve without Auditel’s help.

Auditel reacted fast to the impact of Covid-19, empowering its network with an array of new marketing content, service offerings and processes that reflect ‘doing business at a distance’.

Multiple Income Streams and Long-term Clients

Auditel help you identify, target, and win clients with a comprehensive marketing and client acquisition programme that includes multiple methods of direct and indirect routes to developing your client base.

By carefully targeting your clients, it’s possible to build a six-figure income business from around 6-12 clients and where clients are retained for many years. Some clients have benefitted from Auditel’s procurement solutions for over 20 years!

With an Auditel franchise you can:

  • Develop an income stream that put you in the Top 1% of UK income earners
  • Leave behind the corporate world, politics, wasted time and commuting
  • Have a better work/life balance where your business works for you
  • Have a business based from home, but scalable to suit your objectives
  • Make a real difference to UK businesses and gain pride and recognition for your results

Explore starting your new business with Auditel

Funding of up to 75% of your combined Franchise Fee and working capital is available from major franchise banks as well as government business support schemes.

Franchise Investment:

Full Franchise: £39,950+VAT. Personal Investment required min. £12,000

Associate Franchise: £26,950+VAT. Personal Investment required min. £8,000

The financial performance opportunity with Auditel is huge. Some franchisees are receipting well over £200,000 per year but remember there are a multitude of other benefits that Auditel franchise partners enjoy too!

If you would like a professional, b2b opportunity and to build a business that works for you, not someone else, and is effective in all economies, especially a recession, then explore Auditel today!

Gordon Brearley, Auditel franchise partner, was asked why he thinks ex-bank managers make such good consultants, his answer was clear and simple “If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel, because you have transferable skills”.Gordon, at the age of 53, joined Auditel in 2007 following a successful career in banking with NatWest and RBS. When Gordon first looked at Auditel when seeking to start a business for himself he quickly realised that deca...

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Lee Freeman joined the Auditel community coming from being a former Financial Director, and was growing increasingly frustrated with working tirelessly for someone else and not being certain of his chosen career path. Lee took matters into his own hands and decided to take control of his own destiny and become self-employed. Having investigated many different franchise options in the market Lee decided Auditel felt like the right fit to his skill set. Lee says “It was the right opportunity for n...

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Auditel held in June 2021 their latest induction programme welcomed one of their newest franchisees, Mike Powers. Mike is a south-London based former Commercial Director who has a vast amount of experience, thirty years in fact, of sales and marketing experience till he started exploring franchising and looked at a few opportunities in considerable detail before being introduced to Auditel. Discussing why he chose Auditel, he says “I had looked at another business in the same sector and had...

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Cardiff based long-term friends Huw Williams and David James have over 30 years of experience in sales and business management and wanted to put their previous commercial skills to good effect in a business partnership of their own, so in August 2020, they undertook their Auditel induction training, and started their new business journey, in September. In late March 2021, we spoke with Huw and David about their experiences so far, and discovered how, despite the pandemic, they already had clien...

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