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The Bodystreet business

The smartest of ideas make such sense: once they become mainstream. This will be true with Bodystreet - it's such a Smart idea - and it is easy to understand why. Electo Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a whole-body workout that is perfect for helping with weight loss, muscle building, toning and even relieving back pain too. And because the workout is just once-a-week for 20-minutes it is perfect for those with little or no time or no interest in traditional gyms.

All across Europe there are hundreds and in some countries thousands of boutique fitness studios operating with Electo Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Bodystreet is the world's leading operator. The UK, following covid and a raised awareness of the need to get and stay fit, is awakening to the concept of EMS.

Bodystreet offers the SMART way to get and stay fit - all Bodystreet studios are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that packs the equivalent of what would be three, one-hour conventional gym session, into just one 20-minute workout!

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym each week. Bodystreet is an innovative workout studio that combines expert personal training with the buzz of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The result is a highly effective exercise programme that enables your clients to get fit, tone up and build muscle – fast. This means even the busiest of people can get and stay fit without the need to invest hours in a gym.

And for you?

Bodystreet offers your members a highly effective and efficient workout and we believe we off the same effectiveness and effciency when it comes to your business.

With more that 15 years of experience, more than 300 studios and operating in 7 countries, we have first-hand knowledge of the know-how and what you need to be trained on to operate a successful business. Our confidence comes from the successes experienced by people, just like you, operating Bodystreet studios across the globe.

To set up in business on your own you’d practically need degrees in Business Administration, Psychology and Law, plus experience as an advertising consultant, web designer, HR manager, Accounting and training consultant – just to name just a few skill. And who has all of that?

Support, and applying the franchise system, are the most important factors that determine why a franchisee succeeds. And, as you would expect, Bodystreet has a comprehensive package to support you this includes:

  • Training throughout your business ownership

Knowing what makes a business successful has led to Bodystreet creating extremely complex support programme. The support system includes a 30-head team at the headquarters in Munich, the UK support team and various external business specialists.

  • Initial Training for you and your team
  • Employee recruitment and ongoing training: We help you with the search, the interviews, HR needs, training and development. We've even partnered with YMCA Fit, for those who wish, to provide the opportunity to study fitness industry and vocational qualifications.
  • Accounting: our retained accountants will help set up your business and train you on the basics of accounting. They will also complete your monthly reporting too.
  • Launch Marketing: our social media expert will plan and implement your launch marketing to get you off to the best of starts
  • Business Coaching: Once you being your opening process you will be assigned an ActionCoach who will work with you during your first year in business.

The Bodystreet potential

Bodystreet studios do not require large premises or expensive equipment. The average Bodystreet unit is around 800 ft2. This is fantastic news as you can keep your set-up costs and ongoing expenses to a minimum. You set your own prices so this means that on average somewhere between 45 to 65 members are required to achieve operating breakeven. We expect, in fact we guarantee, that operating breakeven will be achieved in 6 months or less from opening; assuming you implement the knowhow and follow the Bodystreet system.

How do you know we’re any good?

It is easy for us to say how good our franchise is but, we’d like you to listen to one our franchisees. Watch the video and listen to what Idai has to say. In the last year or so he’s taken his business turnover to a level of almost 3 times the previous year – very impressive we are sure you agree.

Are you ideal to join Bodystreet?

You will, obviously, have the ability to fund your business through your own means, or via one of the many sources we can introduce you to. Experience in the health or fitness industry isn’t vital, we can train you to a great standard, however, an interest in sport, fitness or health is needed to have good credibility in your studio.

What is really important to us is that you are;

  • Interested in developing your team. Bodystreet has a vision to be the best employer in the fitness industry by having the best trained and motivated teams of trainers. We will provide you apprenticeship programmes, training and development resources to grow your team. Buying into that vision is a must if you want to join us.
  • You have a positive attitude
  • You are teachable and will follow a proven system
  • You possess a good standard of IT skills
  • Ambition – you want to succeed. And know why.
  • Willing to operate your business hands-on. Not necessarily delivering the workouts but working on the business.
  • Ultimately you want to be part of something, a business, which can effect change. Better health for your studio members through the workout programmes. Better employment and career prospects for the younger generation.

If you would like to join us on our journey and you believe you could be a great fit with our team, just request more information by filling in the form below!

Bodystreet UK, a leading fitness franchise, is delighted to announce the outstanding accomplishment of their studio, Bodystreet Lincoln Centre. Studio owner, Mariusz Kaliszewski, recently received the prestigious title of Fitness Professional of the Year at the highly esteemed Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023.This remarkable recognition not only applauds Mariusz’s exceptional skills and expertise but also highlights the remarkable contributions made by Bodystreet in promoting health, fit...

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Bodystreet UK has achieved a remarkable success by securing the 4th position in the prestigious Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK. This recognition, from the Department of Education, highlights the company’s commitment to fostering talent, supporting skill development, and contributing to the growth of the apprenticeship ecosystem in this country. Bodystreet’s remarkable achievement showcases their dedication to creating a nurturing environment for apprentices and their continuous ef...

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Bodystreet welcomed their latest franchisee to their UK network as Hollie Hamilton opens her Bodystreet fitness franchise studio within the franchise territory of Barnet, North London. Hollie, had been operating her own personal training business when her cousin introduced her to Bodystreet. Living in Germany, he’d seen the amazing success of Bodystreet over there and suggested Hollie took a good look at the concept now, whilst it was developing here in the UK.  The opening of her Bodystr...

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Bodystreet the world’s most successful boutique fitness franchise studio featuring EMS training was, like everyone else, stunned by the rapid spread of COVID19. As a business, whilst not being a gym, we took the decision to close in line with the government’s request for leisure centres etc to close. Being a business that provides personal training this closure meant our franchisees could no longer provide workouts for clients and that got us, as a franchisor, into creative mode. Within a few da...

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