Fantastic Services have made it into the Top 10 Franchises in the UK

In Franchise Direct's yearly report, the UK's 7th best franchise goes to the property-maintenance leader Fantastic Services.

Fantastic Services Top 7 Franchise UK

Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Franchises list is the premier, research-only based ranking of the UK’s top 100 franchises. Fantastic Services secured the 7th spot in the list, outshining franchisors, firmly positioned in the top ten for years. The high ranking recognised Fantastic Services’ resilience, flexibility, social responsibility and support for over 530 franchisees, providing cleaning, gardening, handyman, pest control, removals and other services.

Franchise Direct has ranked the franchisors using objective and measurable criteria, including growth, revenue, stability, market expansion, best practices in support and training and environmental policy.

Fantastic Services’ flexible business model, commitment to training and support, sensitivity to environmental issues, and the ability to innovate and keep pace with economic turmoil advanced its 23rd position from last year to 7th in 2021.

Co-founder and CEO Anton Skarlatov comments: “We’re truly proud to have come so high on the list this year. The 7th place is a reflection of our values and resilience, and it proves that we’re steering in the right direction in difficult times. Getting ahead of some of the most respected franchisors in the world is a true honour but also a great responsibility. We’ll continue to invest in our franchisees, innovate and give back to society.”

During the pandemic, Fantastic Services presented a gradual approach to reclaiming its strength. Successfully getting ahead through innovation, developing new services, investing in technology and automation, the franchise has expanded in 20 areas across the UK, thanks to its Area Development franchise opportunity that grants franchisees the exclusive right to run a Fantastic Services business and sub-franchise it in a large geographical location. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Fantastic Services has provided free services to frontline workers and is currently giving grants of up to £5,000 to start a franchise business to people whose job has been affected.

“2020 has certainly been a challenging year, but also one that has seen record numbers of new franchisees and booked jobs. This turbulent year and the pandemic have only made us more focused on what’s important and led us to a new level of excellence. The demand for home services is even higher in 2021 and our franchisees are prepared to meet it. We are grateful for all the recognition we’re receiving from our clients, franchisees and the whole franchising industry,” explained Anton Skarlatov.

For more information about how you could become part of the Fantastic Services franchise, click here.

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