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Own a profitable franchise with unlimited growth potential! Choose between 100+ services and add more as you go, get full training and support and thrive in the high-demand home services sector.

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Fantastic Services franchise

Starting a new business from scratch is a tough challenge if you don’t have a trusted partner with experience, know-how and modern tech solutions. Fantastic Services is the answer to your prayers. Fantastic Services Franchise is the fastest growing franchise in the UK, with over 530 thriving partners across three continents. We have the experience, know-how and technology to help anyone grow a property maintenance business from 0 to 7 figures in record time.

Fantastic Services franchise

Start your own crisis-proof business with Fantastic Services at your side

Imagine being fully booked for weeks in advance. Not just through the “busy season”, but throughout the whole year. Imagine the Fantastic feeling of never worrying about the lack of customers and having a secure, crisis-proof income. That’s not just a dream. That’s how over 530 franchisees feel with Fantastic Services behind their backs. You can be one of them with just a few clicks.

With our 13 years of experience and 15 awards over the past two years, we’ve proven that we can help anyone take control of their future.

The opportunities with Fantastic Services never end

Being the best franchisor in the UK is a labour-intensive job, but as our name suggests - we are Fantastic. For our 13 years on the market, we went through thick and thin to get to where we are. We paved the way so you wouldn’t have to go through the same ordeals.

This brings you endless Fantastic opportunities. We offer over 100 property maintenance services, all in rapidly growing industries. So whether you want to invest in cleaning, repair, removals, waste removal, pest control, gardening or any other type of property maintenance business, we will help you grow your enterprise from a small one-person gig to a massive multi-team operation. With Fantastic Services, all this is achievable without sleepless nights, working weekends, and missing your children growing up. Instead, you will enjoy your hobbies, have time for your family and kids, and still achieve massive success.

Are we a fit?

Fantastic Services is looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit to lead the property-maintenance industry. We understand that every person has a diverse understanding of success, a distinct perception of happiness, and different interests and talents. That’s why we work closely with our candidates to understand their motivation, expectations and perceptions of the business they are preparing to go into.

We are not after your money, so we don’t want to sell you a franchise that you will not enjoy and perceive as your own.

Our partners are typical:

  • Entrepreneurial spirits with high ambitions and dedication
  • Enthusiastic in learning the ins and outs of the property maintenance business
  • Hard workers, who know when to take a rest and to manage their time
  • Dedicated to managing their designated area with our proven business model.
  • Interested in expanding their business beyond the single working unit, well into a multi-service business
  • Eager to learn how to lead several teams, how to delegate responsibilities and monitor their execution.

If you see yourself in this description, you are definitely the Fantastic Service type.

Fantastic Services is looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit

What we expect, we give back tenfold

We haven’t become the fastest growing franchise in the UK by simply having high expectations of our partners. Everything we ask for, we give back tenfold.

  • We ask for your dedication → we made it our mission to help 1,000 of our franchisees become 7-figure business owners.
  • We ask you to learn → we provide you with ongoing training and support.
  • We ask you to work hard → we provide you with a state-of-the-art CRM system that allows you to automate huge chunks of your work, leaving you with enough time to spend as you see fit.
  • We ask you to manage your designated franchise → we offer support from 500+ professionals in Fantastic Services HQ.
  • We ask you to expand your business → We offer you support with marketing, advertising, customer support and a handy, easy-to-use mobile booking app.
  • We ask you to lead several teams → We will help you with onboarding, screening potential sub-franchisees and all legal requirements.

We offer you an award-winning business model that boosted hundreds of franchisees from 0 to success in under two years.

What we expect, we give back tenfold

Investment into your bright future

For your business to succeed and for us to be able to help you, we will need some investment on your part as well. These will be the funds that will go back to you in the form of marketing strategies, advertising, training, branding and so on. The initial investment heavily depends on the number of services you decide to operate in an area and their type, but the minimum investment is around £19,000 + VAT. You’ll need some additional £10,000 - £15,000 to operate your business for the first few months. Typically our partners grow their business into sustainability within 4-8 months. Most commonly, our franchisees return their initial investment within 24 months, but that depends on your dedication and determination to succeed.

We can help you find up to 70% funding via a third party, although we must be adamant that we DO NOT GUARANTEE a loan. We have pretty close relations with a couple of high-street banks like NatWest and LLOYDS, who know and like our business model. However, whether you will get the fundings or not depends on you alone. What we can do, however, is arrange for an introduction, which will make the whole process a bit easier.

Join a £54.5 billion industry and take your piece

This lucrative market is tough to breach on your own. However, with Fantastic Services, you will not get just a piece of this king’s ransom, but you will have the lion’s share.

  • Get your business from zero to hero in record time
  • Be part of the fastest-growing franchise in the UK
  • Manage and expand your own business in a post-code-defined area
  • Take full advantage of £20 million investments in technology
  • Enjoy the support of over 500 top-notch professionals
  • Have over 50,000 loyal customers looking specifically for your brand
  • Be part of our 530+ strong family
Join a £54.5 billion industry with Fantastic Services

Do you want to be a millionaire?

We won’t force you to be a millionaire, but if that’s what you desire, we have the means, know-how and business model to help you achieve that goal. In fact, we’ve vowed by the end of the ‘20s to assist at least 1,000 entrepreneurs to create 7-figure businesses. You can be one of them.

Make your life brighter with a single click

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Property maintenance industry leader and one of the fastest-growing franchises in the UK, Fantastic Services, gathers partners for their Annual Franchise Conference. The event will be held for the fourth consecutive year, and due to the Pandemic will take place online through Zооm.“Our ranks grew significantly over the past 12 months, and we are confident that this year’s Fantastic Services Annual Franchise Conference will have record-high attendance,” the organisers predict.Despite the challeng...

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