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Card Group is Sweden’s largest franchise export company with Master Franchisees in 45 countries worldwide. An award-winning company with 25 years of success in setting people up in business.

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Start a successful Regional Master Franchise Business in the UK with the Winner of the “Best Franchise System Award “ and the Winner of the “ Franchise Achievement of the year Award”.

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Card Group International AB is the world´s largest greeting card and gift distribution franchise with Master Franchisees in over 40 countries. Card Group was established in 1997 and is an award-winning Franchise company with over 25 years of success. We have a large product range of high quality greeting cards, gift bags, gift wrapping paper, stickers, party candles & balloons plus more.

We are expanding into many new markets worldwide every year and therefore we are looking for ambitious, professional, and highly motivated persons/companies who want to start their own business.

Imagine establishing & leading your own business venture, building a network with your own team of local franchisees and sales merchandisers, creating profitable partnerships with convenience stores, bookstores, flower stores, gift stores and more. Worldwide our products are sold through a wide segment of retail trade outlets such as convenience stores, supermarkets, bookstores, kiosks, gift stores, florists, toy stores, the list of opportunities is endless.

Become a Regional Master Franchisee. Opportunities are available in the following regions:

The following regions are available:

  • Wales & West Midlands
  • North West
  • South West
  • North East
  • South East
  • Greater London/Surrounds
  • Scotland

What you get as a Regional Master Franchisee of Card Group:

By joining Card Group as a Regional Master Franchisee, you get to run your business in a complete Business Format Franchise System. We provide you with training, operating manual, intellectual property rights, know-how, start-up support and ongoing support. You get a “We are Different” concept for products and services to stores. The products sell themselves, from the markets widest range of display units which work for you 7 days a week.

Stand at the helm of a successful business model, offering products on consignment to the stores which means no risk for stores because they only pay for what they sell. Maximum profits for both parties.

Your Role as a Regional Master Franchisee:

  • Regional Business Leadership: Establish and build up a team in your territory, recruiting local franchisees and sales merchandisers who will then supply products to retail stores and provide a regular merchandising service to the stores.
  • Store Partnerships: Be the stores leading full assortment supplier of greeting cards, gift and party products. You/your team offer stores Card Group displays “Gift “Boutique” concept.

What You Need as a Regional Master Franchisee:

Initial Investment:

  • Master Franchise fee for just GBP £ 14 000.
  • Working Capital: Estimated amount of GBP £ 40 000 - 60 000 (this includes Master Franchise fee). The working capital estimate is subject to the initial startup and rollout capabilities thereafter.

Local franchise opportunities

Local Franchisee opportunities are also available. These are smaller territories within the Regional Master Franchise territories. A lower investment is required for Local Franchisees.

Ideal franchisee

The ideal candidate does not require any previous experience within the franchise or the Greeting Cards Business sector. Card Group provides all training and support. Some general management & sales experience will be an advantage. The business is also excellent for husband/wife teams. Successful candidates should have a strong desire to run their own business, be sales minded and have passion and drive.

If you want to start your own business, then don't miss out on this great opportunity to become a Card Group Regional Master Franchisee or a local Franchisee in the UK. Are you ready to become a successful business owner in a world leading and proven franchise system?

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Card Group is Sweden’s largest franchise export company with Master Franchisees in 45 countries worldwide. An award-winning company with 25 years of success in setting people up in business. Testimonials from the franchisees at Card Group: Card Group is a true partner that offers a fantastic business model. A fantastic opportunity for franchisees whilst delivering a reliable and profitable business for our customers. Card Group is innovative and different; its products deliver the true value o...

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