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Do want to experience the education boom?

Do it with one of the UK's leading education franchise Tutor Doctor

Since March 2020, students around the world were thrown into distance learning - parents became teachers, all while trying to work from home and schools switched to zoom classrooms overnight. School disruptions have affected so many students in many different ways. And while students have shown so much resilience, we are in an education crisis that will have a ripple effect for years to come – impacting students’ academic gains, well-being, and economic prospects. In fact, the Sutton Trust estimates a net loss of £1.5 billion for just one year group in England due to school closures.

The Global Private Tutoring market is projected to reach $200 billion by 2026 – this is no surprise as we see more and more parents turn to tutoring to supplement their children’s' education.

We are very proud that 2 out of the 29 National Tutoring Programme (NTP) approved tuition partners are Tutor Doctor franchisees! Read more here…

Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity

What sets Tutor Doctor apart?

  • Our service is highly personalised. A one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t what we do. We carefully match tutors to students and have a creative approach tailored to each child.
  • We are local. Our franchise owners build partnerships, support local schools and positively impacting their local communities.
  • More than tutoring. From our X-Skills Programme, equipping students with vital life skills, to regular session reports keeping parents up to date, to our recruitment process bringing in only the best tutors - we do so much more than homework help. We are also an active Corporate Member of The Tutors’ Association, working closely with them to further the tutoring profession and standards in the UK.

But don’t just take it from us - over 3000 families have rated us 4.9 on Google.

Tutor Doctor has given me the opportunity that I was looking for. I love being able to see children and young people achieve their full potential in every way - whether it be academic or personal. Seeing results, making families happy is very rewarding to me. But not only that, it has enabled me to spend more time with my own family. I regularly take my children to and from school, so it's had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my family life too.
Amrit Rahi-Deogun, Tutor Doctor Greenwich

Tutor Doctor training & support

We have unparalleled training, tools, and support for long-term success. 

Our proven system for franchisee success includes our intensive training programme which includes:

  • 80 hours of online training (pre-training)
  • 7 intensive days of training
  • Launch support programme – (1 year)
  • 2 site visits from your Launch Support Specialist
  • Weekly global franchisee call
  • Annual conferences
  • Field coach
  • Regional meetings
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Individual coaching
  • Proprietary software.

Investment needed

You can start a Tutor Doctor franchise for as little as £33,000, and this includes:

  • Our proprietary business technology
  • Robust coaching structure
  • Ongoing support and development
  • Our proven process for tutor recruitment
  • Our tutor onboarding process
  • A localised marketing strategy
  • A robust system for Learning & Development
  • Support from our partner PR agency

There is an eight per cent royalty fee on gross sales and a two per cent national marketing and branding fee.

Working from home your overheads will remain low as there are no premises, equipment, leases or inventory involved. Tutor Doctor will assist you in generating leads, and can also connect you to its lead generation partners who can help you get your business off the ground.

Expected returns after two years vary, however, Tutor Doctor insists that it is its priority to give you as much support as you need to turn your franchise into a profitable and successful business. Moreover, field research has revealed that franchisees following its proven model consistently have enjoyed high, and early returns, as well as compounding recurring revenues.

At Tutor Doctor, we believe that freedom shouldn’t come with unbearable risks. Our franchise owners, representing over 730 units in 16 countries, get the career freedom they crave without the enormous weight of going out on their own.

The values of Tutor Doctor completely align with those of my own. The advantages and the opportunity to succeed are significant. There is such a positive market for home tutoring in the UK, so I created a long-term plan to expand across London. Within two years, my team had grown the busine ss from three territories to covering nine areas of Central and South West London. I'm proud of how far we have come, and I'm determined to take it even further - with Tutor Doctor's expertise, I know that is possible!
David Boddy, Tutor Doctor Central S Southwest London

Join our award-winning franchise today!

If you’re passionate about impacting students’ lives, serving your local community and want to build a successful business, now is the time to invest in a Tutor Doctor franchise!

We hold the title as the #1 education franchise in the UK, and have been listed in the Elite Franchise Top 100 every year since its inception. And what’s more, Tutor Doctor was Highly Commended in the Best Children’s Services & Education Franchise at the 2021 Global Franchise Awards.

There’s an opportunity to be seized both now, and in the future. We truly believe that we can be part of that catalyst for change… would you care to join us?

Despite enjoying a diverse career in business management, pharmaceuticals and the police, Somerset-based David Brassington has chosen to dedicate his profession to improving the quality of education with the launch of his new venture, an in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Transforming his career in the wake of the pandemic, he is already making an impact in his local community, covering Frome, Taunton and North Yeovil.After three decades in a successful pharmaceutical sales posit...

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Innovation has become a key aspect of determining success in both business and education. In a year that is focused on providing children with the necessary resources and support to nurture their imaginations and wellbeing as a part of their academic journey, it is equally important that high quality education providers lead by example. Education franchises, such as the in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor, are demonstrating how constantly striving to improve business operations and...

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The education sector is one that regularly sees itself under a great deal of scrutiny. It is because of this that it has become all too common for entrepreneurs and prospective franchisees to close the door on joining education franchises, as they believe their experience does not suffice or match the required criteria. However, education franchises such as the in-home and online private tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, believes that to maintain a successful and contemporary community of valuab...

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As the world continues to recover from a testing two years, the beginning of 2022 presents an ideal opportunity to reflect on the way businesses and their markets have been affected by the pandemic. For the education industry in particular, the future certainly looks different now to how it may have done pre-pandemic, with further importance placed on mindfulness and meeting the personal needs of individuals. Here, the in-home and online tutoring company Tutor Doctor reviews projections for h...

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The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a government-funded programme that provides schools access to high-quality tutoring, at a heavily subsidised rate, to support students whose education has been affected by school closures from the pandemic. With the launch of the NTP to help students catch up from lost learning, it’s clear that tutoring is becoming a critical part of mainstream education. This government tuition funding for schools represents a big opportunity for Tutor Doctor franchis...

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Greenwich-based businesswoman Amrit Rahi is celebrating her fifth anniversary with in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Using the pandemic to advance her operations, Amrit has established herself as an important part of improving the wellbeing of children and students in south-east London, as well as providing high-quality and personalised educational experiences. At the beginning of the pandemic, a sudden and unexpected change in circumstances left Amrit very much fending for he...

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Ash Obhrai has always been destined to be involved teaching in some shape or form. At an early age, he was surrounded by educators with his father as a GCSE Maths examiner, mother as an A-Level Art & Design teacher and aunt as a successful primary school teacher. After working as a tutor alongside his corporate career for 15 years, he decided to turn the tables and launch his own Tutor Doctor business in 2017.“It was one day when my parents made me realise how fulfilling working in education wou...

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Tutor Doctor welcomes two new offices post-lockdown With education being thrust further into the limelight since the return to school, the demand for extra-curricular support has witnessed a substantial increase. Two new franchising couples were welcomed into the expanding Tutor Doctor UK franchise network after spotting the opportunity to build a profitable educational franchise business, whilst providing a much-needed service to their local communities within their designated franchise territ...

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When Piyush Gupta was offered redundancy after 20+ years working within finance, he jumped at the opportunity. In trying to decide on his future, Piyush’s main aim was to find something that offered more fulfilment and enjoyment. Something with ‘a little bit more soul’. After evaluating his priorities and assessing his skillset, Piyush knew the direction he wanted to take. All that was left was to find the perfect role. “After my redundancy, I knew that I didn’t want to go back into the corpora...

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Amrit Rahi-Deogun launched Tutor Doctor within the Greenwich franchise territory in August 2017. In less than two years, she has over 100 tutors on the books and the number of families she works with has almost doubled year-on-year through her tutoring franchise. The mother-of-two puts her success down to her experience working in education, within both schools and youth services – supporting children with their learning. After realising this passion could become her business, Amrit has never lo...

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