​It was a taste of OSCAR food for his pets that inspired Nick Blakemore to ask for more.

“Our two Whippets, Mollie and Trevor, found OSCAR Pet Foods at a local show, and following a sample taste test there was no looking back – that was five years ago,” says Nick.

“Never far from my thoughts, OSCAR was gradually becoming a promising contender for my future, albeit the future for our dogs. Over the years I visited the OSCAR website, keeping an open mind on what I would do when I reached the magic age of fifty.

“Fifty was my target – change my career and lifestyle, pursue my personal goals, make my own decisions and enjoy more time with my family and home life. And now – after twenty-three years of regimes and instructions, flying around the world with an agenda in the pharmaceutical industry, my past was about to become history.

Oscar Pet Foods Van Franchise

“I was tempted to follow my wife, Sarah, into teaching but OSCAR once again came my way when a very well-established OSCAR franchise business became available. To receive an excellent rating from the British Franchise Association was a recommendation in itself, but I knew enough about the company to want to follow up.

“Discovering the flexibility of the business offered me the opportunity to suit my ideal plan of mixing business with pleasure, and family. Having a very good local community I could see the potential to continue the growth of OSCAR in my area, and more so to share the family atmosphere, which helped me to focus my business direct to the customer and their families, ultimately fulfilling the needs of their pets.

“Promoting the quality and the unique elements of OSCAR it became urgently necessary to gain my Ofqual qualification in Companion Animal Nutrition. The success has given me the additional nutritional knowledge to translate all the benefits of the service with even more confidence to my loyal customers.

“Rotating my time as a magistrate, I am also able to use my community potential to attend local networking groups. It is a step outside the box of my normal approach, but for the love of animals, it resonates with any business owner, providing me with a great platform to reach a varied audience in one session.

“By keeping a firm focus on how I want to manage my OSCAR business I can now value the time I have for myself and my family and appreciate a different side of going to work.”

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