Just like Chris, you too could reduce your hours with a ChipsAway Franchise

ChipsAway Franchisee, Chris Spencer provides the perfect example of 'you get out what you put in', even during his initial days. Only six months into operating his ChipsAway Franchise and Chris is already achieving quarterly targets that are more in line with second year of trading! All of this whilst working fewer hours than what he was in his previous employment.

Chris started his love affair with the ChipsAway franchise in the summer of 2015. Prior to acquiring his franchise, Chris was traveling around 50,000 miles per year and he was working punishing weeks that reached between 65 - 70 hours, all in his role as a Senior Project Manager. It was a well respected job, and this was represented in the pay that he received, but Chris knew that in order to really exceed rather than just firefight, he would never be able to reduce his hours.

Chris Comments;

"My work/life balance was none existent, my wife and I had moved to the country, but I wasn't in the position where I could truly appreciate it, because of my job. I knew that something had to change in my life, and financial gains was obviously a consideration, but more importantly for me was having the flexibility to run my own life, which franchises provide."

Chris then began his extensive franchise research online, where he was led to the ChipsAway franchise. After reading up on the ChipsAway franchise Chris decided to attend one of the informative open days where he was able to meet Tim Harris the CEO of ChipsAway, as well as numerous other staff members of the Head Office Franchise team and some existing franchisees too.

Chris continues;

"I was massively impressed with their credentials and the fact that they are absolute brands leaders within their sector. Everyone at the Open Day was welcoming and approachable and the quality of the demonstration repair shown by the franchise team was exceptional, I left with a lot to ponder!"

Chris was so impressed that he decided to purchase his own territory for the ChipsAway franchise and once he had completed his comprehensive training from the Head Office franchise team, his rise was stratospheric!

"The team at ChipsAway have been so supportive with my rise as a franchisee. Once my personal franchise website went live, which is included as part of the franchise launch package, I started to receive enquiries for my services. Within days, I had amassed a weeks worth of work booked into my schedule. There was no need for any local supermarket promotions or flyer drops to enhance my franchise business profile, it was that quick!"

Things didn't slow down for Chris either;

"I honestly had no idea how big the ChipsAway franchise brand was. I get stopped at traffic lights and asked for cards. I also get approached in supermarkets because of the name on my jacket. It's incredible. It's all about the trust, reliability and quality service you offer to your customers as a franchisee. Build this with your customer base, provide a service hat exceeds what they expected and you'll not only retain their services, but they'll refer you to their network of family and friends too. This source of referral is invaluable and all comes from the service you provide as a franchisee. Owning my own ChipsAway Franchise has far exceeded my expectations and I really can't wait to see what the future holds!"

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