No experience needed to succeed as a DPS business owner

Kemi proves that you don’t need logistics experience to succeed as a DSP business owner.

From Underground to On the Road

“Logistics is thriving”

After 14 years working with the London Underground, Kemi was ready for a new challenge. She recognised that logistics was flourishing and that as a DSP she could lead a business of her own, receive higher rewards and make a positive impact in her local community whilst being supported by the DSP programme.

Leveraging Transferable Skills

“I take a personal interest in my drivers from day one”

Kemi didn’t have logistics experience when she joined the programme but she was wealthy in people management and business improvement skills. In fact, Kemi believes that it’s her expertise recruiting and leading people that has been the foundation for her success. She ensures she’s available for her drivers with an open door policy and that any issues are resolved together. If Kemi notices that a driver isn’t performing to their best, she goes out on the road with them, offers feedback and gives them the opportunity to grow.

A Sense of Belonging

“They feel valued”

Kemi has intentionally recruited drivers from different walks of life and created a setting when they feel like a team. As such her drivers support one another and work together to ensure daily and team targets are achieved. In just nine months Kemi’s business grew to 49 active drivers. She enjoys being dedicated to customer satisfaction and ensuring that everyone is happy and supported.

“I didn’t have a logistics or business ownership background. You need not have it all - just the potential, qualities and drive. Amazon will get you ready to go. They lay out a bite-sized plan that is very achievable. My dreams became a reality. It’s been life-changing and I have a work-life balance that works for me and my kids”

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