The Kleaning Company - A Day in the Life of a Franchise Owner

If you are wondering what it’s like to run a branch within The Kleaning Company franchise network here is a quick insight into a typical day (although not all these things happen every day).

The Kleaning Co Franchise
Some of a typical week’s activity of what actually has happened:
  • 8am – Breakfast and a quick phone call to Supervisors already on site. Check all ready with no issues. Found site, found site manager, parking okay and all ready to start. Any issues discussed
  • 5-6pm call supervisor to check day went well. Ensure paperwork signed off
  • 9am – In the office – check emails and any questions from clients, potential clients
  • 10am – Check Barbour ABI data for new leads. Make sales calls / appointments for new business
  • 11am – Download previous day jobs data spreadsheets – input onto TKC system
  • Midday – Visit sites to view and tender for jobs. Whilst out – spot check site audit on existing job
  • 3pm – Back from site and analyse visit. Work up tender and submit with courtesy call to potential client
  • 4pm – Update and finalise schedule for next day and communicate out to Supervisors. We are available 24/7 for support
  • 5-6pm call supervisor to check day went well. Ensure paperwork signed off.

Other example work in a week at the end of the year:

  • Business Development Manager Chris has been in Edinburgh quoting on a 200,000 square foot office block. It’s a new project with an existing client with tender starting next month. Back to the London office (last time before Christmas) to catch up and have Christmas lunch with staff.
    • Wetherspoons Newbury (National Account)
    • Holiday Inn, Derby – Refurbs
    • Royal Ascot – hospitality
  • Issue – there’s no power and water on level 5 currently working on in a new build residential. Client requested buckets up and down stairs! This is not accepted by TKC Supervisor. Site manager not sorted request for hot water on correct level. Our supervisor calls into the office and explains issue. TKC HQ contact client and explain that need to pull off site within 2-3 hours as job not done and not to contract. They need to reorganise and explain when we can get back on site.
  • Catching up on recent hotel project as it is nearly finished. Client has run one week over meaning all extra fees run on a day rate. Boutique hotel group – 193 bedrooms.Last cleaning company let them down. TKC stepped in and saved the day. Over 20 staff every day for 2-3 weeks. Internal cleaning only – bedrooms, kitchen, corridors. Half new and half refurbishment.
  • Challenges this week include that it is hard to fulfil jobs as client demands not slowing down despite staff off for holidays
  • Payroll admin – one last pay day before end of year – in the office working on payroll for 50 staff.
  • New jobs coming in this week include:

We hope you found this interesting – we’d love to talk to you more about the reality and the benefits of our fantastic franchise.

The Kleaning Company franchise was established in 2012 to offer a bespoke and unique commercial cleaning service, specifically targeted at after-build sparkle cleaning for B2B construction companies.

We are offering a truly unique franchise business opportunity to join the UK's leading bespoke cleaning service business with an existing corporate client base and share in our rapid growth and success.

 Please click here for further information on The Kleaning Co Franchise Opportunity

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