The Wheel Specialist unveil new initiative worth £15k to every new franchisee

After a turbulent year, we’ve noted before how proud we are to be in a situation where all franchise branches remain trading, with a steady uptake in key metrics which signify a very prosperous year ahead for The Wheel Specialist franchisees.

Resilience seems to have been the theme across the board for 2020: it’s something our network have shown in abundance in managing the many challenges that the pandemic has brought.

To celebrate this resilience, we have decided to make it easier to join our fantastic network of business owners: from April 2021 we have decided that any new franchisee that joins The Wheel Specialist will not have to pay for their start-up tools and consumables. That means as a brand we are personally contributing £15k to each new franchisee’s launch costs.

Why are we doing this?

Well for one, as mentioned above, to celebrate coming through adversity – we broke our monthly network turnover record no less than six times last year.

Secondly, we know we have a fantastic opportunity and we want more people to be a part of it. Demand is huge and we need more businesses in the network to satisfy it. By lowering one of the barriers to entry, the cost, we hope this help will achieve that.

But while we’re lowering the working capital a franchisee will need with this initiative, we’re absolutely not lowering our expectations on who can join the network. We’re looking strictly for the best, people with passion for customer service and whose value align with the 5-star market-leading brand of The Wheel Specialist.

Jack Murphy

Managing Director

The Wheel Specialist