Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?

We are often asked, “can you make money with a cleaning franchise?” when speaking to potential franchisees. The answer is always the same, not only is a cleaning franchise a good investment, but it’s also a tidy profit maker.

Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?

You’re reading this now, so we will take it as you are very interested in starting a cleaning franchise. That’s great, you should be. Cleaning franchises can be very profitable business to investors.

We have given you our 5 reasons to buy a cleaning franchise, but if you’re still wondering why a cleaning franchise is a good investment then we have a few more points.

Cleaning in demand

The last two years has been a difficult time for all businesses, but one industry showed us it is not subjected to the same risks and fluctuations as others. And that’s cleaning. The demand for clean homes, offices and public spaces never disappeared, meaning many cleaning franchises not only survived but thrived. This will continue and only increase as businesses look to keep their offices open and safe, and the demand for domestic cleaning increases.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise
Commercial cleaning is needed everywhere; now more than ever. Offices, schools, hospitals, factories, showrooms, surgeries. Every workspace needs to be kept hygienically clean. UK businesses are now, more than ever, taking more interest in the hygienic suitability of the workplace to keep their staff & customers safe. Commercial cleaning is one of the few industries not affected by seasonal or economic influences making it a lower risk business option to invest in. Recent events have highlighted how essential it is to have high quality, consistent cleaning is all publicly shared places, like workplaces and other business premises.
Catherine Fitch, Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise Business Director.

Cost of starting a cleaning business

You could start your own cleaning business. You may have some clients already. But have you worked out all the costs involved? With only 1 in 5 start ups remaining in business compared to 4 out 5 franchisees after 5 years, the franchising route must be considered for long term business success.

Yes, there is a fee when buying a franchise, but you are not just paying for the right to use the logo on your van. You are paying for the years of research, training and support that comes with that, you get the network you need to overcome obstacles if, and when, they arrive. Being part of a recognisable brand will help you attract new customers.

Fantastic Services franchise
We know that managing a business is hard, and that’s why we’ve built an app that makes it easy for franchisees to see jobs in real-time and the fastest route you can take to your next customer.We have also created an award-winning app for customers, enabling them to book more than 100 services in just under three minutes. In addition, we have a full back-end system allowing you to manage teams and keep track of everyone’s performance.
Rune Sovndahl, Founder and Owner of Fantastic Services

Tidy profits to be made

As we mentioned above, cleaning franchises can be very profitable business opportunities. Recouping the initial investment is usually very quick once the franchisee has their business running.

As the UK cleaning market has different models of cleaning, profits do differ from brand to brand, but a hard-working franchisee can earn up to £55,000 - £85,000 per year.

Maid2Clean franchise
Maid2Clean has a 92% franchisee renewal rate and 42% of franchisees have bought more than 1 area. Why? It’s because people figure out that a residual income lifestyle beats ‘exchanging time for money’ any day! How do you determine what a real business is? There are many views on this but from my perspective, “A real business is one that will pay you in the long term whether you are present in it or not!.” A residual income lifestyle is what our franchisees develop! Maid2Clean Franchisees work hard to build a long term residual income and they retire enjoying it.
Mike Hanrahan, Franchisor, Maid2CLean

Whether you choose to invest in a cleaning franchise is entirely down to you. However, make sure you do your research to determine the best option. Think about how much you can invest initially, and the type of support from a franchisor you need to succeed.