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Maid2Clean is a management franchise that offers a proven recruitment business model in the domestic cleaning market

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Enjoy Your Life Today…. With Maid2Clean®, a Top Management Franchise in the UK

About Maid2Clean®:

The Maid2Clean® business has been established for many years and has been thoroughly tested and refined into our franchise offer of today. 

Maid2Clean® is definitely NOT a ‘Cleaners’ business, it is a ‘Management Franchise’ which means you do not do any of the cleaning or ironing yourself; you will  be trained to manage the cleaners in your  business.

You will find that you will generate significantly higher percentage profits to turnover with Maid2Clean® than with most other cleaning industry companies we can identify.

Operating to our system, once trained, you will have the potential to earn a significant profit per year, over the life of your Maid2Clean® franchise business.  

COVID-19 has meant that 2020 has been a tough year for all businesses and many will not survive the current crisis caused by this pandemic. However, despite the madness around us, Maid2Clean® franchisees have continued to survive and trade strongly. Buying a Franchise is one of the most important decisions you will make and Maid2Clean® is not a new franchise, it is an established growing, management franchise for the right people.

We currently have over 160 franchisees and they would not have purchased our franchise had they not thought it was the top franchise in its field. Residual income and business support are two of the primary reasons why our franchisees have chosen Maid2Clean®. We are in this, with our franchisees, for the long term – mutuality in our relationship is critical.

Maid2Clean® also has very low operating costs but a high-profit margin from a low investment and will work for you if you are interested in solving the ever growing demand for domestic cleaners in the UK.

You can build your business while you still work in your current job, just like 55% of our other franchisees have done - no previous industry experience is required. 

Low investment Franchise Opportunity

Maid2Clean® is a low investment, low operating costs, high-profit margin franchised business and will work for you if you are interested in solving the ever growing demand for domestic cleaners in the UK.

You can build your business while you still work in your current job, just like 55% of our other franchisees have done - no previous industry experience is required.

As one of our franchisees you will benefit from all our experience so you will avoid all the potential mistakes you could make in the early days.

We will show you how to market this much-needed service to targeted people in your area and how to close 85% of clients that call enquiring about the service.

Maid2Clean® provides all of our franchisees with a fully comprehensive training course; full operations manual documentation, launch assistance, business plan and ongoing telephone and on-site support thereafter.

Your exclusive trading area of quality houses will not overlap with another franchisee; plus we hold regular franchisee conferences, and business improvement meetings, where you can obtain refresher training and meet other franchisees.

Investing in a Maid2Clean® franchise is not about creating a job for yourself, it's about working 'smart' and developing a long-term residual income. Maid2Clean®, as we have already said, is not a cleaning business; it's a white collar franchise that appeals to both sexes.

If you are committed to working with the proven Maid2Clean® business plan your hard work will be rewarded quickly.

Selling Out Fast!

More than 75% of our territories have been sold in the UK, so we are having to turn down many people that inquire about a franchise in a specific area. Our selection criteria is not based on your academic qualification, we look at an applicant's attitude & their determination to succeed.

 M.D. Mike Hanrahan says: 

“Our franchisees have taken it upon themselves, each quarter, to host a business improvement day in different places in the UK specifically designed to share best practice ideas with other franchisees, such is the strength and enthusiasm for the business within the franchise. I don't know of another franchise where this type of pro-activity takes place on such a wide scale."

Information available from the British Franchise Association shows that the average cost of becoming a franchisee is normally around £53,000, but if you have done your due diligence you will know that many franchises can cost far more… at Maid2Clean® we have recognised that many capable people cannot afford costs as high as this, so our franchise package offers a very low investment.

Discipline and following a proven system matters more than raw talent in a our franchise; a healthy work ethic will always out perform all other business skills and traits.

Remember you are not doing ANY of the cleaning yourself. You are managing the workers, clients, suppliers and customers just like any other business.  The demand for this service continues to out-strips supply and this trend is forecast to continue indefinitely.

If you are looking for your first, or your next business investment then contact us today by completing the below registration form.

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