Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

Franchises for sale that are priced under £10,000 are typically regarded as low cost franchise opportunities. Typically, these franchises don’t require premises or locations to set up the business. Instead, they are service based or can be managed online. From tutoring franchises to internet-based consultancies, there’s a world of possibility to be enjoyed for a low investment. We’re proud to present a broad range of low cost franchise opportunities to browse and compare in one place. With a vast number and variety to choose from, it’s easy to find exactly the kind of business you’ve been looking to launch.

Lawnkeeper Resale - Nottingham

Lawnkeeper Nottingham Resale - Reputable established lawn care business for sale

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Minimum Investment: £0.00

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Onside Coaching

Onside Coaching established a demand for children's sports courses during the school holidays.

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Minimum Investment: £20,000.00

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Screen Rescue Franchise

Be your own boss and start a successful multi-van windscreen and glass repairs franchise where you can achieve a turnover of £75,000 PA from each mobile van

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Minimum Investment: £19,750.00

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The Travel Franchise

Join the six-time Homeworking Agency of the Year and Best Travel Franchise in the UK 2022.

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Minimum Investment: £2,999.00

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Starting a franchise

As a business model that can be scaled to meet the requirements of every investor, it’s possible to take advantage of a low cost franchise opportunity to begin earning from home. Indeed, with a range of franchises available to invest in for under £10,000, it’s possible to explore the world of franchising at an affordable budget.   

Requiring a much smaller upfront cost than larger franchise opportunities, the range of franchises for sale in this category cover a broad range of industries. From retail franchises to construction franchises, there’s opportunities to excite every kind of investor.

Whilst the average cost of starting a new business is estimated to come to over £22k in the UK, a low cost franchise opportunity comes in at over half this amount. Eliminating the usual overheads involved in launching a new business- not to mention the stress - franchising allows business owners to begin earning without the need to develop products or a brand identity of their own.

Instead, they’re provided everything they need to hit the ground running. From storefronts to uniforms and marketing materials, they’re given all they need to begin operating a dependable turnkey business. 

They’re also provided with a strong network of support to help them as they move forward. With access to experienced experts in their field, they’re able to discuss key business decisions and learn the most effective strategies from people who have made a success of their own franchise.

Ultimately, low cost franchise opportunities are an attractive option for anyone looking to work from home and start their own business.

How much do franchise owners make? 

Franchise owners are like business owners- the amount of money they make depends entirely on the industry they’re in and the decisions they make. Unlike regular business owners, however, franchise owners are supported by an established network that helps them to grow and face challenges with much greater resources.

Just like any regular business, a franchise can provide a comfortable income, no matter how low their initial investment. Indeed, just like a start-up, franchise owners can increase their returns providing they put the work in to support their clients and grow their market share.

When it comes to low cost franchise opportunities, it’s generally expected that an initial investment of 10K or less will be made back inside of 6 months. After this time has passed, the income generated by the business becomes a general income and determines how much that particular franchise makes in money terms. 

What is the most profitable franchise to own?

Just like the question of how much franchise owners make, the question of which franchise is most profitable is all but impossible to provide a straightforward answer to. Whilst some reports have identified big name restaurant franchises as the most profitable on average, there’s no guarantee that investing in that particular franchise will yield the highest returns in every instance.

Indeed, in towns where there is a greater demand for car cleaning or home care services, it will be franchises in these industries which are the most profitable.  

Really, the profitability of any given franchise depends on demand as well as effective marketing. By identifying services and products that consumers are calling out for, and being the best fit for providing them, any franchise has the chance to become a notable success. Provided with all the materials necessary to raise their profile, franchise investors are also equipped with everything they need to improve their market share and turnover. 

What this means, of course, is that every franchise has the potential to be highly profitable providing it’s proactively managed. 

With everything from tutoring to financial and restaurant franchises available for less than 10k initial investment, there’s still plenty of choice when it comes to franchising for less. A lower investment also means that the franchises in this category serve as a great introduction to the business model.

With all of this in mind, why not take a look through all of the low cost franchises featured on Franchise Supermarket. We’re certain that you’ll find the business that’s best for you.